As much as I like Michelle Obama, and as familiar as we all are with the concept that imitation is the highest form of flattery, there’s a line that money cannot buy a free pass across. For instance, if somebody likes recent haircut and goes and gets the same haircut, it’s a compliment. It feels, maybe like you got backhanded out of your unique appeal. Internally every time you see that copycat of yours, you feel the internal desire to smack some originality back into him or her. But, there’s nothing you can do. When this type of action is done with a piece of clothing, a pair of shoes, makeup preference—whatever, all of these types of items are (mostly) mass produced and sold, and the person selling the item, or the service, both wants to and is perfectly entitled to selling reproductions.

But when imitation spills right on over into theft it’s an issue. Like what we college professors see plagiarism, which we fail and expel university students for, we know the person doing the plagiarizing must have procrastinated thoughtlessly, failed to do research, didn’t practice much, and probably thought he or she could bull through it. And, all this reminds me of the Republican candidate.

Melania Trump seems to share in her husband’s speech giving habits

Donald Trump believes all Americans must be dumb. Further, because he’s got a lot of money and he perceives himself as smarter and more talented than everybody else because he has it and we don’t. Just ignore that he didn’t get that money by being smart himself—he hired smart business advisors.

In fact, he’s so rich effort isn’t a word he cares about anymore because he’s got enough wealth to half-brain it now. He hasn’t had to wipe his own rear in who knows how long. Plus, he buys whatever the heck he wants and thinks everything has its cost. He puts very little time into making effective points about real contributions this nation really needs for the actual problems we have.

His reason is that he has better things to do (he often says he’s too busy for whatever facts he overlooked the day before in interviews).

My goodness, Melania Trump, you and Donald are just the perfect duo. You are the laziest speech preparers on earth. It’s because you never really had to learn how to do your own homework or put forth the huge amount of effort it takes to give a great factual speech you composed all by yourself.

Melania said she went to college, but she lied about it and got outed, so now we all know why she may have plagiarized. After all, she can’t give a speech or entertain effectively without taking off her clothes.

Speeches are an everyday thing for the First Couple

Presidents and First Ladies speak several times a day, every day. And if you want a job and know that you have to have a particular talent activated in front of the people deciding whether or not you’re going to get the job, you’re going to get that skill right. Unless, of course, you’re lazy. Or uneducated. Or so freaking illiterate, lazy, and incapable of speech preparation you can’t even write your own speech originally.

So Melania Trump gave a plagiarized form of a Michelle Obama speech, reminding us why only Michelle Obama can give her style of speeches correctly.

And it further demonstrated that even one fantastic speech Michelle can deliver masterfully can be turn horrible with an unprepared speaker with an IQ lower than grass. Melania couldn’t keep a single sentence straight while presenting because she was too busy reminding herself that Donald said she was supposed to keep her clothes on this time in front of the photographers.

Who really plagiarized here? It’s debatable At first, Melania said she was a big girl and wrote it all by herself. Then, after the copycat accusations emerged, Donald Trump blamed her speechwriters. Yet, he fired nobody for what would have resulted in expulsion for a college student. Some people say money really can buy anything---I hope that’s not true of the presidency.

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