Ted Cruz first found out about the latest Anthony Weiner fiasco while he was campaigning in California with his running mate, Carly Fiorina. Initially, the Republican ticket had been taking some time off campaigning to raise some money on the West Coast. But a shock poll showed the GOP within striking distance of the #Hillary Clinton/Elizabeth Warren Democratic ticket. So they scheduled campaign rallies in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and at a venue in the Central Valley where farmers were hurting because of water rationing due to the delta smelt.

Neither Cruz nor Fiorina mentioned the latest scandal to hit the Clinton Campaign.

It didn’t matter. The Republican ticket was nine points ahead of the Democrats according to the Real Clear Politics average and had locked down about 300 electoral votes. The two candidates stuck to their tried and true script. They advocated rolling back regulations, cutting and simplifying taxes, cutting spending, controlling the border, and eliminating Obamacare. They also hit Clinton hard on the economy, the chaos in the Middle East, and the email server and pay for play scandals.

A reporter asked Cruz, before he boarded a plane to another campaign swing in New England, whether he was just trying to run up the score. He smiled and said, “President Reagan and President Nixon only won 49 states during their landslides. I want to do them one better.”

Watching TV in the Trump Tower, Donald Trump smiled.

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He congratulated himself for his decision to pass on trying to become president himself and backing Cruz instead. Cruz’s small government agenda stood to benefit him immensely. Besides, in a few years, he would have the pleasure of seeing one or more of his children start to climb the greasy pole of politics. Senator Ivanka Trump, anyone?

Elsewhere in New York, Hillary Clinton had to be restrained from throwing a laptop at the big screen TV. The Huma Abedin situation was starting to get out of hand. The smirk on Cruz’s face as he openly contemplated her humiliation sent her into a rage. She deserved to be president. It was hers by right. Otherwise putting up with all of the slights and insults over the decades would be for naught.

Clearly, someone would have to be done.   #Donald Trump #Ted Cruz