The Huffington Post has yet another story about how Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, is the one Republican winner in the midst of the meltdown that is the Donald Trump for President Campaign. He, almost alone of major GOP movers and shakers, refused to bend the knee and board the Trump Train. If Trump loses the election to Hillary Clinton or even if he wins and has a chaotic presidency, Cruz is in position to say, “I told you so.”

The question arise, what if Donald Trump had declined to run for president? What if the Republican candidate was the junior senator from Texas?

If Trump were still ensconced in his penthouse at Trump Tower and not upending GOP politics, it is virtually certain that Cruz would be the nominee.

One just has to add the votes he got in the history we find ourselves living in and most of the votes Trump got. He would have had a brilliant convention and the Cruz Fiorina Campaign will have started in earnest.

Cruz has three qualities that Trump lacks in abundance, intellect, conservative principles, and sanity. The last quality would have put him ten or so points ahead of Clinton. The Democrats will have been having conniptions over the shellacking they would have been about to get instead of Republicans.

To be sure Team Hillary will have been using the tried and true playbook to depict Cruz as a devil who wants to kill old people and starve children. But Cruz would not be giving the Democrats the ammunition that Trump has been giving them.

Also, while the Republican establishment hates Cruz, it would have bent the knee in support of him in much the same way it did for Trump.

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Cruz would not be giving the GOP reasons to contemplate bailing on him as Trump has.

Hillary Clinton is both morally challenged and legally compromised. Cruz would be able to exploit those deficit to the full. Trump, with his own problems, not the least the ones that come out of his mouth, has not been able to gain much traction.

The Republican primary voters, by nominating Trump instead of Cruz, threw away the chance of a landslide victory and a brilliant conservative restoration. Thus, they have created a looming tragedy that will harm the United States and incalculable ways.