Melania comes across as having been influenced by her husband’s assumptions and thoughts. Our old rich guy candidate must have inspired wife Melaniato think like him. I imagine his Trumpian logic laced advice to her before her recent ridiculed speech went like this:

  1. We’re smarter than everybody because we have money. We keep making more and other people want money but lack the smarts to earn it. (Note: Some value things like family over amassing wealth. The most intelligent people work for the needed money and spend the rest of their time with loved ones. The dumbest people in the world are the richest ones who put work above relationships.)
  2. Don’t research or prepare. After all, speeches were dumb in college. Oh, wait, sorry, you didn’t go to college and lied about it. OK, they were dumb school—did you even finish school? Plus, it’s not like we’re competing with two experienced politicians with probably like 80.689 years of combined public speaking It doesn’t matter; the Clintons have less money than us so we’re better at everything than they are including speaking. Heck, I’m running against a woman so what’s the point of effort? And so what if presidents and their spouses give like 814 speeches daily, who cares about preparing? Nobody important is ever watching.
  3. Speak before you think, procrastinate, and make crap up. People are dumb; they don’t care about sources or actual problems that can ruin their lives like the Recession. Fake a solution and talk in circles so they don’t get it. Besides, fact checking takes time and they’re lazy. (Note: Smart people know fact checking takes 5 seconds via Google. But Trump lacks the skills to apply logic and only knows BS. Because logically, being wealthy does not mean you’re smarter or better. It means you’ve got money.)
  4. OK, Michelle Obama’s speech can be an example. But remember she’s poorer than us and a Democrat. So she’s an entity that came out of the Seventh Circle of Hell and is half Medusa on her mom’s side. Please don’t spend a lot of time on your speech when you should pay attention to me. Really, it’s all about me. And I want to take some pictures of you so you’ll start taking your clothes off.That's what you’re good at and it's on your resume below marrying an old dude for money.

Melania must have heeded the advice

Melania Trump’s speech preparation after her photo session with Trump lacked a few things.

First, it ignored research (she doesn’t know how to research and never bothered to learn). Second, she didn’t stop to think once (she has the mental capacity of a walnut experiencing a forced aneurysm, proven by her spousal choice). Her thoughtless decisions caused her to copy her speech from Mrs. Medusa while passingthe speech off as hers. And why not? Donald told Melaniathe regular people were unintelligent enough not to noticecopying and dumb enough to think she’s smart.

Trump doesn’t fire people anymore?

Contradictory illogical finger pointing followed the copy accusation. The speech’s author was first said to be MelaniaTrump who “all by herself” used big words like a real college girl. Donald even gave her some lollipops and ice cream to reward her.

Foolish Trumpian logic caused real false representation. Failure of Trump’s expected reaction of voter ignorance followed because voters can apply logic, see plagiarism and demonstrate a better IQ than the Republican candidate, shocking only Trump.

Ignoring the original claim of Melania’s authorship followed the copy accusations.

Trump used bull to promote a new illogical excuse, blaming his wife’s speechwriters. But, his actions said, “We won’t fire them. So what if the same action would expel a college student.” Failure to dismiss any speech writer, as Trump had no problem before shouting that people were fired in front of millions, verified Melania’s guilt to the public.

And yeah, Trump still thinks he’s the smart one we all want to be. I prefer actually having thoughts and avoiding hypocrisy over being anything like him.

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