#Donald Trump is the GOP nominee for the presidential election due to be held in November. His opponent is Hillary Clinton. On the other hand, we have Vladimir Putin who is the President of #Russia, a man with a KGB background  from the days when the Soviet Union existed. Putin dreams of being a super power and he has a one point agenda to undermine US influence in the world. He has the nostalgia of the days when the Soviet Union rivaled America and the world was not a unipolar world as it is today. 

Mutual admiration club

Putin is a shrewd manipulator and he has expressed the view that Donald Trump is "bright and talented." Trump reciprocated with a statement that Putin was a strong, powerful leader.

How did this mutual admiration come into effect? there is no record of a US president being 'friends ' with any Russian leader. Even the relationship between Josef Stalin and Roosevelt was more correct and at that time Roosevelt failed to see the game of the Soviet dictator as he gobbled up half of Europe. Most US presidents from Kennedy to Reagan were wary of the Soviet leaders. In turn, the Russian leadership needed a bogey and the best way was to represent the US presidents as persons intent on spreading their hegemony over the world. Stalin, Khrushchev, and Brezhnev were all cast in a similar mold.

Likely future

This apparent warmth between the two leaders is a bit of a surprise. Both the leaders realizing that such mutual admiration may not be a good thing for US domestic politics, have now distanced themselves from each other.

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However, the clue to the mutual admiration is Trump's view that strong men are more effective rulers. No wonder he has praised both Saddam and Libya's dictator Gaddafi as men of mettle who kept Islamic extremism at bay. In the same vein, he admires Putin as a strong leader.

Putin is a strong and crafty leader. No doubt he is popular in Russia, but Donald has still a long way to go to reach the white house. One must appreciate that Putin has been in the field of politics for decades, while Donald is comparatively a novice. One wonders how the scenario will unfold if and when Donald wins and becomes the president. It will be interesting to see how the world reacts. it could lead to interesting possibilities.