GOP presidential nominee #Donald Trump has agreed to fly to Mexico City on Wednesday and meet Mexico's President #Enrique Pena Nieto, accompanied by Rudy Giuliani and Senator Jeff Sessions. The decision was precipitated by Nieto's invitation to Trump to come meet him on his home turf. On Wednesday evening, Trump is scheduled to fly to Phoenix and to give a major address on his revised immigration policy.

What's the motive?

This causes one to wonder what Nieto's motives are for calling for a meeting with Trump on the very day of his address on immigration policy. Could Nieto be hoping to influence Trump's immigration position? Could he be hoping to talk "the Donald" into dropping his promise to build a wall between the borders of the United States and Mexico? Could the Mexican president be hoping to convince the neophyte GOP nominee that Mexico does not just send its "rapists, criminals and drug addicts" to the United States? Could Nieto be hoping to convince Trump that Mexico also has some important goals that include self-sufficiency and a prosperous economy? Finally, could Nieto he hoping to convince Donald that the hopes and dreams of both the United States and Mexico for their own people are pretty much the same and that the two nations should work together to bring about mutual prosperity?

Nieto has remained steadfast in his determination not to pay for a wall between the United States and Mexico.

As this observer sees it, it most likely will be Trump, not Nieto, who will be backtracking on earlier promises.

A deportation promise

As anybody and everybody who has a daily newspaper or television or radio knows, Trump has been promising to deport all 11 million undocumented immigrants who are here illegally, no matter how long they have been here. Without a doubt, such an act would have a deleterious effect on Mexico's economy, as 11 million people are added to its unemployment statistics. Over the past week or so, Trump has been hinting that he will consider modifying that policy slightly. He has indicated that perhaps he will consider allowing some of the undocumented immigrants to stay if they have not been convicted of a crime and have paid all of their taxes.

A response to a sign?

Could Nieto's invitation to meet with Trump on the very day that he is giving his major immigration policy address be in response to "the Donald's" sign that he might be willing to reconsider his position? The answers to all of these questions pertaining to Nieto's real motives for inviting Trump to meet with him will prove to be very revealing as the two men meet and discuss these issues.

"The Donald's" motives?

One must not forget to ask what Trump's motives are for meeting with Nieto.

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Could he be hoping to soften his image as a hard-liner on immigration who is inflexible, angry and mean? Could he be hoping for a way to reverse gracefully his labeling of Hispanic immigrants as "drug addicts, rapists and criminals?" Finally, could Trump be hoping to use the meeting with Nieto as a basis for softening his deportation policy?

To "outshine" Hillary

Regardless of what the answers to all the questions about Trump's motives turn out to be, one motive is so clear that it does not need confirmation: "The Donald" is trying to "outshine" #Hillary Clinton on the national and international stage. He is hoping that the media will cover the landing of his large, private jet in Mexico City, the meeting with Nieto at his official residence, and the mutual press conference with the Mexican leader. Trump is hoping that he will attract votes by looking presidential with the fancy plane, the meeting, the press conference and all the trappings of the office that he does not have now nor ever will have.

Perhaps he hopes to look presidential, but as this observer sees it, he will look just about as foolish as Alexander Haig looked after Reagan was shot when he stood at the podium and announced, "I am in control!"