Something very surprising happened at Donald Trump’s speech on Monday. Now, I’m not referring to the twisting of facts or the creation of a problem that doesn’t really exist like immigration, the faulty logic, or the misuse of statistics to make them fit his own ideas, racism, ethnocentric elitism, or the way he proved he doesn’t know Americans very well. These are the usual strategies he uses. What’s new is that Trump actually prepared and used a teleprompter. So contrary to some popular belief, he is educated enough to read and did prepare something probably for the first time (horribly) while insulting everybody in the country.

Bravo, Mr. Trump. Great speech.

Trump’s gigantic put-down

Since Trump is so dumb he thinks he’s smart and the best at everything, he took the five minutes he had before his speech to prepare by writing up some lazy nonsense for the teleprompter, figuring that since he was the speaker, he’d be amazing. He failed to do what we speech professors call an audience analysis, a basic step my 18-year-old freshman in a beginner public speaking class do. Demonstrating that he’s incapable of performing at their level, Trump mentioned some recent terrorist attack.

He didn’t mention Oklahoma City—an act of terrorism (and one of the worst ones) done by an American citizen, or the fact that immigrants actually commit far fewer crimes than regular citizens in this country. (See Public Study). Instead he stated all attacks involved immigrants or children of immigrants. All Americans are descendants of immigrants, including Trump and therefore in some way the children of them, so this is an all-inclusive half-brained insult to all Americans.

Trump condescended his entire audience and planned it. Or maybe it wasn’t planned by him. Perhaps he’s like Ron Burgundy and reads everything off the teleprompter, and the Republicans are so tired of him they decided to screw with him to get him fired for their campaign money refund. Can you really blame them?

Trump wants to test all immigrants now

Because of an ISIS threat he’s blown up, Trump wants to punish the entire lot of immigrants now.

Trump mentioned those entering America must take a “tolerance litmus test” in order to enter the country. His words no longer imply its only Muslims that should be tested, but everyone. He thinks some people are better because they got here first, and that’s what “America first” really means. Believing he should screw up the one thing that made this country what it is: tolerance, he did a great job of trying to act American while being totally un-American.

After demanding tests of others, he then demonstrated his brain power by defining “tolerance” incorrectly and stating the tests would make America a “tolerant” society.

Coming from the same man that called immigrants from the Philippines “terrorists” and “animals” for no reason any sane person can find, this man thinks he can judge others by asserting a test to keep people out of our country and call it “tolerant” while this action is yet another intolerant act from him. He also thinks immigration is creating a problem for America when it’s not a problem and it made this country great. What’s the real problem in this country? People that make generalizations and think they are qualified to judge. Well, I’d like to know his qualifications to become not only judge but to be president, and still feel all candidates should be given an IQ test and a citizenship test.

And now, I think the first question on either of those tests if the test taker is Donald Trump should be, “define tolerance and how you are tolerant.” I’d volunteer to give him that test.

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