Trump’s tactics toward Muslims, demonstrated in his speech about Terrorism show he doesn’t understand them (i.e. his comments about Khan’s wife being quiet when this is a cultural standard). Those same words from Trump may darn well set off other uneducated bigots to possibly cleanse this country because certain people think their race, crooked teeth, and an eighth grade education makes them better than other people and gives them the right to persecute. And not naming names, but one other guy thinks money gives him this right. For some reason, Trump really thinks his constant demonstration of assuming he knows things about Muslims while he’s really making crap up and his use all this nonsense to judge others shows off how smart of a president he will make.

In fact, it shows probably how he’d treat all other minorities he wants to randomly bash at any given moment, how little research he’d do before attacking a person or group, and how little effort he would put into anything he’d do, including his speeches, as president. And that’s frightening. But he’ll spend a lot of time asking about nuclear weapons, which we’re probably going to need to defend ourselves after he’s insulted every single country on the planet if he’s elected into office.

By the way, why does Trump obviously hates Muslims so much since he knows nothing about them? I think some Muslim kid must have totally kicked his rear in the fifth grade and humiliated him when he was a child. (And to that Muslim kid, wherever you are, thank you, please come out of hiding and do it again for America).

Trump’s ignorance defined

But until that Muslim kid comes out of hiding, we’ve got to listen to Trump. In an effort to show Trump can’t do a Google search on the Internet for basic facts, he stated Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama’s politics caused the rise of ISIS. Wow, if you want to be president, Mr. Trump, you’ve got to know what the reality is here.

The facts actually point to Bush’s administration to thank for that. When Bush disbanded the army in 2003, ISIS formed as a response to the Iraqi war and the lack of military to control such a group. But you know, the Democrats are the competition so he made them the problem, and that, not fact, is apparently how he rolls.

Another attempt at trickery came when Trump, instead applying a statistic that just included the United States, grabbed a world fact and talked about 1411 assaults since November 2009 (almost seven years), hoping listeners wouldn’t notice this was a worldwide statistic to make things sound larger.

Now since this is seven years worldwide in which this issue has actually happened, makes the terrorism problem seem so much smaller, doesn’t it? In America, over the same period, 86 have died and 379 were injured, obviously a massive improvement since the days of 9/11. So yet again, if you look at his speech closely, this deception backfires on him. And even at this point of the speech, he says “immigrants” while actually implying “terrorists” and linking that to “Islamic terrorists,” placing words together that try to force the thought that Muslims are still really the threat.

Trump won’t drop it

Is it surprising at all that Trump won’t drop immigration and a focus on Muslims that’s starting to sound like a free pass to terrorize these traditionally non-violent people?

Not at all. He thinks he can assume things into reality and make problems that don’t exist real issues, a trend he’d most likely use as president on any minority he feels like. You know, if I knew you could make stuff up and get this far in a presidential election, then I would have run. Because I’m far better at making things up than this guy is—and that really isn’t saying much or a compliment to Trump or myself. I’m a terrible liar.

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