“We’re Making America Great Again,” reverberates as the slogan symbolizing Donald Trump, and yet I don’t get how his campaign slogan represents his political philosophy. But I suppose that’s because, it’s impossible to have a political philosophy when a person knows nothing about politics and government, after all and yet still decides it’s wise to run for President. This combination is about as intelligent as mowing a lawn with a chainsaw while you try to maintain a conversation on the phone. Trump’s provided a litany of proof he doesn’t get politics. For example, he voiced things that demonstrate he doesn’t understand the presidential voting process, while accusing his adversary, a woman he dumbs down to make her look like she’s a statistic clown that isn’t bright enough to even locate the clown car.

He’s also implied that had she been Pinocchio, she would have annihilated most of the room on the planet with the length of her nose. Yet at the same time, he accused her of being clever enough to rig the election.

Here’s my suggestion to everybody: if you want to run for president someday you should understand that if you’re going to accuse the other candidate of rigging things, get the way things would be rigged to win the election right—Mr. Trump, you referred to Hillary rigging the popular vote when the electoral vote is what wins the presidential election. So, exactly how did you make all of that money in business and invest wisely, your job now, if you’re putting no time into understanding your potential next job?

By the way, shouldn’t somebody who might be president know stuff like this? You know, the kind of stuff they teach you in the fifth grade?

Donald Trump’s unoriginal idea

So my advice to all is if you’re going to come up with a campaign slogan for your own presidential campaign, at least be unique, and don’t trademark it (it’s lunacy to do that when you want the word to spread).

And if you trademark anything, it should be your idea. However, Trump thought it would be brilliant to steal Ronald Reagan’s words and trademark them like Trump created them. Now, let’s just ignore the rampant bit of unethical plagiarism for a moment. After stealing Reagan’s words, Trump stated that he could think of a slogan on his own, but he got raving reviews for regurgitating words that meant something to Reagan yet when spoken out of his own mouth sound like contagious vomit making others want to regurgitate their lunches.

Who gave him those reviews on this, I wonder? His buddies at the insane asylum? His wife, who committed near plagiarism of Michelle Obama’s Speech? Or his imaginary friends? Or Elmer Fudd, his best friend? I don’t know, but running for president while plagiarizing expresses the real theme of the campaign--unethical phrasing tactics mixed with total laziness.

A baffling achievement of success

How does a man that is so unoriginal he can’t even think up his own campaign slogan for president make so much money in the business world? Also, how did he become a successful businessman when he doesn’t understand marketing? Since Trump gets angry every time somebody tries to promote him within his own party by daring to say the slogan, he trademarked the (stolen) words to stop others from….

Well, promoting him, I guess. It’s awfully hypocritical to get all mad about the fact other politicians are repeating and recycling his slogan (to try and help) when he did the same thing and was the trendsetter that stole the slogan in the first place. Compared to those promoting him with the slogan, Trump ripped those words off using a less productive manner. The Republicans that say his slogan to promote him are actually doing their jobs. Trump took the slogan because he’s one heck of a slacker for a success. So how the heck did he make all of that money? That’s the million-dollar question

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