Does an uncultured and heartless person like Donald trump deserves to rule the great people of America? He is a man that cannot even co-ordinate the affairs of his political party so can he survive ruling America? He is a man that supports racism through his campaign words against blacks and a man who never cautioned himself of what to say and what not to say. Donald Trump does not have the quality of a leader so how can he rule the United States of America?

Donald Trump a heartless leader

A good leader is said to have an exemplary character. it is important for a good leader to be trustworthy to lead his followers. Is this quality found in Donald Trump? I came to realize that even 70% of the American citizens including his party members never trusted him.

Why do we need to vote in a person that is not trustworthy? 

A good leader must be zealous about everything they do. Is Donald Trump serious about what he does? He is a person that plays with everything he says and that does not make a good leader. If Barack Obama, the current president of the United States jokes with his work will he be able to find a terrorist leader and end his reign of terror. Does Trump even have a working plan to continue to make America great? A good leader needs to function in an orderly and purposeful manner in situations of uncertainty. Does Trump have the ability to settle chaos? Won't he uses his radicality to destroy all as he is doing now to his party members? Can someone that doesn’t have patience rule over the US citizen and not cause war? 

Good leaders are tolerant of ambiguity and remain calm, composed and steadfast to their main purpose, but he never faces what concerns him.

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Can someone like that be the president of a country and not use his radicality to destroy such a country? A good leader must be able to focus on a goal and think analytically. Can Donald Trump be focused on the situation of the country if he is elected as the president of the country? If war arises can he think analytically?

Does Trump deserves to be the President?

These are some of the points why I think Donald Trump does not deserve to be the president. If Donald Trump does not deserve to be the president then who should be the president?

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