Mentally unstable and socially unfit #GOP Presidential nominee #Donald Trump, has opened his Orlando, Florida campaign office directly across from the Pulse Nightclub where 49 people were killed. The youth-oriented nightclub, which openly welcomes people of the LGBT community, also attracts high numbers of Hispanic patrons. Trump's placement of his campaign headquarters so close to the Pulse Nightclub is seen as highly hypocritical and offensive because of his extreme homophobia and open disregard if not downright hatred for Hispanics, especially for HIspanics who have just crossed the border into the United States.

Adding insult to injury

As if locating the Orlando campaign headquarters across from the Pulse Nightclub is not enough, Trump added insult to injury by doing so just one day after the two month anniversary of the notoriously despicable shooting.

Of course, this is in keeping with Trump's overt insensitivity to others and to their feelings, needs and aspirations, such as when he asked a mother to leave his rally because her baby was crying immediately after telling the woman that he loves crying babies. As the woman was being escorted out by Trump's Nazi henchmen, Trump was telling the audience that the woman should have known that he was only kidding when he said that he loves crying babies. He then lamented how crying babies interrupt his speeches and said that the mothers, and their babies, should be asked to leave his rallies when their babies cry.

Rubio's crossover

As if he is a car that cannot decide if it wants to be an SUV or a gas-saver, Marco Rubio did an about face and became a political "crossover" when he decided to drop his well-found vendetta against the bankrupt buffoon and joined Trump at his rally with the conservative Christians.

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This is such an "about-face" for Rubio, who at one point was so offended by Trump's jokes about him, that he told a joke in which he asked his audience if they knew what they say about "people with small hands." Although the joke was without a doubt hilarious and, to be honest, "appropriate" for Trump, it nevertheless offended many people in the conservative Christian circles to which Rubio was trying to appeal in his run in the 2016 GOP presidential primaries.

Trump tells off his former GOP primary rivals

Meanwhile, Trump has been busy on the campaign trail as well, continuing to insult people, tell people off, and offend people of nearly every demographic, including his own. On Friday, Trump openly addressed all 16 of his former GOP primary rivals and admonished several of them for failing to endorse him. Trump reminded the rivals that they all had signed a statement promising to back the eventual GOP nominee, no matter who that turns out to be. Trump then added that if the GOP nominee had turned out to be someone else, that he would have supported that nominee.

Trump did not explain if he was auditioning for a position selling bridges in Arizona. Oops, John McCain might not like that!

Trump's visit from the Secret Service

As if he does not have enough encounters with the Secret Service as their protectee, Trump apparently decided to attract even more attention from the highly elusive but distinctly noticeable federal agency. Trump was visited by the Secret Service for questioning at least twice in the wake of a suggestion that he had made that was addressed to advocates for the second amendment. When stating that "nothing" could be done about the types of Associate Justices that we would have if Clinton were to be elected President, Trump stated that perhaps "the second amendment people could do something." The comment caused a media frenzy, dropped Trump's poll numbers, and resulted in his intensive questioning by the Secret Service. Trump now is in the unenviable position as the only person in recent memory who has managed to be a "person of interest" and a protectee of the Secret Service at the same time. A trophy does not seem to be in the works for “the Donald.” #MarcoRubio