Controversial Republican presidential hope in the coming Presidential election seems to have gone over the board again. The fact remains that Donald Trump thrives on controversies; it seems he is a good student of 48 laws of power, where one of the laws says, "Controversy brings fame." However, Mr. Trump has gone too far this time with even is few Republican frowning at his comment he made about the mother of a late Muslim American soldier who died gallantly while defending America.

Donald Trump lacks sensitivity to life and faith

Ghazala Khan, the mother of the deceased soldier, hit back at Donald Trump who said earlier that the mother was not allowed to speak. Perhaps, it was a wrong time for the Presidential candidate hopeful to try to taunt a mourning mother.The Republican nominee should have directed his jibe at the father of the late soldier who attacked him in his speech, not a sad mother that was holding back her tears.Someone out there should be able to educate Trump that Islam encourages women to respect their hubbies in public by keeping quiet when they are talking.

Mr. Trump Knows so little about Islamic faith

Is a shame that a man who wants to rule a great nation like the United States of America did not even know least of all courtesies that women show to their husbands in Islam.No wonder Ghazala Khan said the billionaire Presidential hopeful is ignorant. Indeed he was ignorant and revealed that he is full of words with no respect for anybody, culture or religion.

Is no longer funny that Donald Trump shows no respect to anybody or religion, his lack of respect shows in his arrogant way he questioned the speech delivered by the father of the late soldier and his conclusion that the late Soldier's mother did not talk because Islam forbade her to talk in public since her husband was speaking already.

The United States of America Is a free nation for all religions

An American Presidential candidate need not be schooled that America is a free nation and everybody has right to practice the religion of his or her choice. His comment showed that he did not respect the woman's fundamental human right. The beauty of America is the freedom that everybody enjoys, so one rich, spoilt billionaire who wants to rule the oldest democratic nation in the world must be told that he is no longer in the stone age where the rich were madly above the law, and showed to respect to other humans. His obsession to white supremacy will cost him the white house, in the long run, great men respect women of all ages, tribe, and religion, Americans are not begging Trump to rule them, so his autocratic style with democratic flavor is not what Us needs.

He may take the nation backward few centuries, and destroy good deeds the founding fathers of United States of America achieved.

Trump's controversial style is fast making a nuisance out of him. If he truly wants to rule America, he cannot continue to be rude to everybody; the fact remains that even his secretary at his office may not vote in his favor if he continues to make a fool of himself. Even the fools become wise when they keep quiet.

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