In your mind's eye, you can almost see a scenario of Donald Trump's comb-over flopping in the wind as he waves good-bye out the open window of his jet to the seething reporters on the ground. Those would be the Press Pool, which it appears he purposely ditched today! Trump wasn't waving and you can't open a window in a jet, but if that craft had a horn, there's a good chance he'd be blowing it bidding the Press Corps so-long on his way to Mexico!

They were mad, the men and women who follow trump with their cameras, recorders and notepads as they were a forgotten bunch today when Trump took off to Mexico for the impromptu meeting with the president of that nation.

This is actually the second time Trump has done this to his dedicated press corps this month. He took off to Baton Rouge while Obama played golf in mid-August without his media entourage in tow.

Reporters seething

Time Magazine's Zeke Miller called Trump's antics of leaving the press in the dust a "troubling departure from precedent!" Troubling for whom... not Trump! As CNN News suggests today... by Trump dumping the media he got away "free from the scrutiny of the men and women covering the daily happenings of his campaign!" A day without scrutiny is probably the key word here, just how much can he take?

The reporters weren't at a loss of words about Trump's Mexico trip even though they didn't ride along! Maggie Haberman of the New York Times tweeted that Trumps "traveling press corps got no heads-up" about the Mexico trip. She also said that there was no effort put into trying to get his press pool there. They complained they were "left in the dark," and Trumps regular traveling reporters were really peeved about being left on the sidelines.

Vanishing act

So how did Trump's camp manage this? The press pool was told Tuesday night that Trump was headed down Mexico way. When Trump's plane left for L.A., the press went to Phoenix because they were promised he'd be answering questions there on Wednesday when he returned. They didn't know that they would be granted access to Trump for questions after his meetingin Mexico. The reporters didn't learn that until Wednesday when Trump was already in route to Mexico.

By then it was too late!

When it boils down to it, it looks likeTrump is still in charge even if he has to dodge the press every now and then to prove that point! Hey, they've thrown him plenty of curve balls, he's allowed one now and then. While Trump's camp hasn't commented on this as of yet, it could be that the Mexico trip was so impromptu that there just wasn't time to get the press there, and it might have been beyond his control.

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