Despite having been sued for housing discrimination against #African-Americans in 1975, #GOP Presidential nominee #Donald Trump is hoping to entice them to "return" to the Republican Party. Historically, there really never was a time in American history that African-Americans were politically aligned to the Republican Party. Although Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican president, "freed" the slaves during the Civil War, African-Americans did not have voting privileges. By the time African-Americans had voting privileges in America with the Voting Rights Act in 1965, they, for the most part, were aligned with the Democratic Party.

What Trump really means

It is obvious to this observer that what Trump really means is that he wants to return the Republican Party to caring about African-Americans and that he wants to benefit from it politically.

Although he will not admit it publicly, Trump realizes, or at least should realize, that African-Americans will not affiliate with the GOP unless the GOP changes.

Trump is trying to portray himself to African-Americans as a sort of "Renaissance Man," who is so economically, socially and politically astute that he has "all the answers" for African-Americans and has their prosperity as his fingertips. This is coming from the man who was sued for housing discrimination against African-Americans, who refused to speak at the NAACP Convention, and who once introduced an African-American surrogate as "our black person."

Capitalizing on tragedies

Trump also is trying to capitalize on tragedies that have occurred across the nation involving African-Americans. Trump states that the various incidents are very tragic, but he offers no solutions to the barrage of violence and seems to have no real grasp of what the antecedent for the violence is.

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For instance, Trump discussed the tragic killing of NBA star Dwayne Wade's cousin, a female. The young woman, who was the mother of four, got caught in the crossfire between two men who were shooting at one another. Trump correctly brought out the fact that this was a tragic situation; but he offered no solution to the violence in the streets.

A false presumption

Trump is making the erroneous assumption that improved economic status among African-Americans (that he insists he will bring about) is going to solve the problem of violence in the streets as well. Although it generally can be said that prosperous neighborhoods are safer than are poorer neighborhoods, this is not always the case. Violence has been known to occur in prosperous neighborhoods as well, and so for Trump to argue that improved economic status among African-Americans is going to curb the problem of street violence, is an erroneous and illogical conclusion.

Schoolyard name calling

Meanwhile, the bankrupt real estate mogul took to some more schoolyard name calling over the last few days.

He called Clinton a "bigot" because, as he put it, she supports policies that keep African-Americans in poverty. Trump predicted that Clinton will forget about all the promises that she makes to Blacks right after being elected President and that this makes her a "bigot." Trump failed to mention that as a young lawyer, Clinton turned down opportunities to work as a highly paid corporate lawyer and chose instead to work with economically disadvantaged youth to improve their lot in life.

The bottom line

The bottom line is that Trump is a liar. He knows that Clinton dedicated her early career to the service of others, including African-Americans. He knows that Clinton is dedicated to social justice for all Americans. He also knows that he does not have a clue what to do to improve anyone's economic status other than his own. He can't even curb violence at his rallies, so how is going to curb violence in America? Water does not run uphill, and Trump's campaign is rapidly running downhill!