The Trump hating Washington Post published an editorial (masquerading as a news story) on 8/30/2016 titled: "Americans say they want to see candidate tax returns (because they don't like Donald Trump)"! Yes that's a pretty cheesy title but what can you expect from a newspaper that refuses to print straight, unbiased news about any election statistic or poll unless it's a favorable story about their preferred candidate. The Post editorial picks up on a current common theme among Trump haters, why is he refusing to release his income taxes? Never mind the skyrocketing national debt, the anemic employment, or all of Hillary Clinton's many legal, moral and ethical woes.

No, the Post doesn't care to talk about that stuff, but every non-traditional, politically incorrect word from Donald Trump's campaign or any misstep is worth a bold headline, and plenty of column-inches full of negativity.

'Release that tax return Donald!' that's the Post's major concern. 'It's a long standing tradition' they say. 'Everybody does it. It's tradition they say!' To be fair, during a presidential election year the media, Conservative as well as Liberal, is disgustingly biased, packed with misstatements, and innuendo, and does not deserve to be considered part of a civilized society.

Why Donald Trumps income taxes don't apply

These Washington Post people not only don't understand Donald Trump's unique situation . . . they have no desire to understand it. Donald Trump was a very successful businessman.

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A private citizen who got disgusted with Liberal Washington politics, America's rapidly deteriorating economic climate, a nearly non-existent southern border and the dangers from outside our borders that threaten every American's security. He was and is so disgusted with all of this that he is willing to take a huge pay cut, spend millions from his own bank accounts, take lots of flack from opponents, put up with the lies and innuendos that are thrown at him daily and, ultimately, take on the responsibility of leader of the free world.

Donald Trump's income taxes reflect the economic activities of a successful businessman, not a politician on the take. His income taxes if and when he releases them will shed no light on his current role as a politician or his, hopefully, future role as President of the United States. His situation is unique because he is going right from the business world into the political world. He will undoubtedly have lots of deductions and tax shelters, that's how businessmen become rich and successful and those tax loopholes will, without a doubt, be painted by the press and opposing politicians as high crimes and misdemeanors when, in reality, they are meaningless.

That, after all, is what this is all about; the Trump Haters are just looking for another opening to hit him and they are always hoping for a knockout punch.

The bottom line is: until he's elected to a public office and sworn in, Donald Trump remains a private citizen and his income, deductions and charitable giving should  only be between the Internal Revenue Service and him and should be considered confidential, as yours and mine are, unless we are being charged with a crime.

If you re-read the above and think about what is going on, you might arrive at the same conclusion as I have. Liberals are running scared and picking up every rock or stone along the way to throw at Trump; hoping against hope that one projectile will hit him in the perfect spot between the eyes, and kill off his run for the presidency. Run Libs run and don't look back; he's gaining on you!

The American voter is not stupid, but in the short term he and she can be gullible.