When somebody’s running for President of this country, a few of things are very important to demonstrate how well a person can handle a powerful nation that’s known as a cultural melting pot. First, there’s cultural sensitivity. Second, there’s respect for military sacrifice. And last, there’s… well, I hate to say it, but it’s true, some type of IQ measurement test is needed. If one is a candidate, we should verify his or her IQ to demonstrate he or she is not going to use power to start something like “The Derek Zoolander Center for Children Who Can’t Read Good and Wanna Do Other Stuff Good Too.” Then, let’s make sure the candidate won’t socially promote it to reflect on the intellect of American society because it’s the first thing that came to his or her mind and he or she just had to Tweet it immediately.

Remember when Newt Gingrich wanted to “test” Muslims? Remember how insensitive, crazy, and unintelligent he sounded because he totally forgot about the fact we have “No Fly Zones” and can’t deport Muslims? Well, why aren’t we testing these people that actually run this country for some type of intelligence? I’d like to start that lobby platform. Let’s just start intelligence testing all of these politicians.

Trump’s lack of cultural insensitivity toward Muslims

In the latest demonstration of cultural insensitivity, lack of education about Muslims, and just a general lack of common sense, Trump actually decided to come at Khizr Kahn, who spoke at Clinton’s convention and is the father of a fallen Muslim soldier and American hero that died in Iran.

Trump decided that comparing the level of sacrifices he’s made to the type of sacrifices Khizr Kahn has made was a wise and intelligent idea. I’m sorry but it’s just not very wise at all. It’s asinine.

First, let’s just stop it here for a second. Any person that dies in the line of duty for America has made the ultimate, incomparable sacrifice for this country, and any parent of such a person has also made an even more ultimate, incomparable sacrifice for this country—the life of their child.

Kahn’s ultimate sacrifice, and his child’s ultimate sacrifice

Kahn spoke at the DNC to represent the fact that under policies proposed by Trump, his son would have never been allowed to serve. Really, that was the point of his presentation. But Trump completely missed the point, I guess, and as usual, decided to say the first thing that came to his mind. To heck with worrying about Trump’s out-of-line policies towards Muslims that would have excluded Kahn’s son from ever serving his country—Trump decided to just ignore the entire theme of what Khan’s speech entailed and turn it into something else.

Instead, Trump basically said, let’s talk about sacrifices, you know, the kind Donald Trump (wealthy, multimillionaire possibly buying the presidency guy) and compare them to the kind of sacrifice an average American parent that happens to be Muslim made when he lost his child in battle for their country.

What’s Trump’s comparison point to this father of a fallen soldier? According to Trump, he’s worked hard. And, he’s created thousands of jobs. Yet, he said these things without defining them as sacrifices, nor mentioning how he sacrificed anything at all. He never drew a line of comparison regarding how his self-proclaimed “sacrifices,” actually business strategies done to make money, even compare to losing a child in the line of battle.

By the way, those jobs he created he primarily outsourced to other countries, so it’s not like he did anybody any favors with his job creation in America.

So, who is with me on “testing” these politicians for their IQ levels instead of them “testing” Muslims? I’d be happy to write that test, and it could even be Derek Zoolander approved. The first question would be to define what a sacrifice is, and give an example. So good luck, Donald Trump.

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