Speaking at a rally at the Mississippi Coliseum in Jackson, Mississippi, GOP presidential nominee #Donald Trump called #Hillary Clinton a "bigot." Since the word "bigot," in modern times, usually is reserved for Republican politicians, it was a very alarming to hear the term being used to describe a Democrat, especially a Democrat who is as progressive as Hillary Clinton.

Trump's twisted rationale

Trump's twisted and ill-fated rationale for describing Clinton as a "bigot" was that she regards people of color only as "voters" and not human beings, and that she will do nothing for blacks and other people of color after she is elected.

The erroneous argument goes on to state that Democrats have made blacks and other people of color "dependent" on them and the government programs that keep them in poverty and perpetuate an endless cycle of failure that leads to nowhere. The argument holds that Democrats have done this to people of color for generation after generation and that they have no intentions of ever improving or upgrading their quality of life.

What "the Donald" will do

The implication behind Trump's name-calling directed at Hillary Clinton is that somehow he is going to be able to reverse the cycle of poverty and despair among black Americans, that he has "all the answers," and that all that the American People need to do is to elect him President and all of these miraculous things will take place. However, Trump offered no specifics on how he is going to do all of this, what programs he is going to implement, or how he will pay for his "miraculous" program.

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Apparently, the voter is just supposed to "trust" Trump and "believe" in him and vote for him based solely on "blind faith."

A deportation policy

Until this week, Trump's deportation policy has been bigoted, stringent and inflexible. The policy basically was that any and all undocumented Hispanic immigrants now living in the United States would be "rounded up" and "deported" back to Mexico in one, fell swoop. Trump promised to "look for" and "find" all of the undocumented Hispanic immigrants that he referred to as "rapists, criminals and murders."

However, earlier this week, with after Paul Manafort resigned as Trump's campaign chairman, Trump apparently had a change of heart. According to Kellyanne Conway, Trump's new campaign chairperson, Trump is "re-thinking" his deportation policy and that the new policy still is "to be determined." Hillary Clinton stated that Trump already had shown us "who" and "what" he is when he first announced his candidacy, basically a bigoted, hateful, spiteful human being.

A meeting before a wall

The deportation policy is not the only thing that Trump is re-thinking. In as much as Trump has insisted that he is going to put up a wall along America's border with Mexico upon being elected President, it now appears that he will meet with Mexico's President #Enrique P. Nieto just prior to building the wall. Surprisingly, Nieto expressed an willingness to meet with the newly elected American president, whoever that turns out to be, and Trump stated that he also would be willing to meet with Nieto. In months past, Nieto had referred to Trump as being "another" Adolf Hitler or Benito Mussolini. First impressions are usually right.