You know, if you’re the type of person that loves dishing out insults, then you have to be willing to take them in return. And if you’re going to run for President, have a sense of humor about yourself. I wish there was an award for that one because Obama certainly didn’t mind making fun of himself or laughing at the criticism he got. And man, that’s a lot of criticism and one man with a pretty large sense of humor then, right?

Anybody that wants to be President, or wants to run for President is going to have a lot of insults thrown at him or her and have his or her entire public life torn open to scrutiny by pretty much the entire world.

And yes, everything about a person running nowadays can be immediately plastered, exposed, and retweeted thousands of times in seconds. It’s even more true especially since one certain candidate was moving the focus toward social media.

Donald Trump gets beat up by his own party and his own social media

So world, welcome to social media ruling the Presidential campaign thanks to one candidate plastering all over it, dumping money into advertising on it, and now crying himself to sleep because people are saying mean things about him all over it. Oh, poor baby.

Sorry, baby, I’m not crying with you—I’m laughing at you. Loudly. Donald Trump, you made yourself the example with your tweets. And now are you really crying because some Muslim father of a fallen soldier you attacked first said some mean things about you in return?

And your party thought you were out of line—which you in fact were? You could have just left it alone. So hopefully you’ve learned your lesson about why we need to surgically implant a filter in your head so you think before you speak.

Five GOP Senators react negatively to Trump

By the way it’s pretty obvious Trump has not undergone the surgery to implant a filter in him yet.

Five GOP senators including John McCain of Arizona have spoken out against Trump’s defamation of the Khan family. In what I guess is a very lame attempt to win back the support of these senators, and demonstration of why the filter implanting surgery should have happened probablythirty years ago, Trump started whining like a baby. Trump insists he was “viciously attacked” everywhere by the deceased Army Captain’s father, K.


Khanearned Trump's loathing byspeaking for Clinton at the DNC about how Trump’s policies would have not allowed his son, an Army hero, to serve in the first place. And yes, that really was the entire goal of the Khan speech, a point Trump never really answered back. Instead Trump decided to show us just how little he understands about other people’s pretty darn moving speeches, and an everyday citizens’ message, by ignoring it. Following this, Trump responded by publicly proclaiming he made what he called sacrifices for his country on a similar scale to Khan.

Trump lacks the ability to justify or define his sacrifices

But Trump never defined how his chosen sacrifices—working hard and creating (mostly foreign) jobs have anything to do with sacrifices, probably because they had everything to do with him making money.

Nor did he say how they could possibly equal any sacrifice made by the Khan family. Which, really, none of us who have not lost a child or relative in battle can ever equal the Khan’s sacrifice.Trump was so shortsighted he couldn’t predict the fairly obvious reaction. (Honestly, let’s get his filter implanted immediately).

Trump really doesn’t get the American people at all. Obviously, he didn’t get Khan’s speech at all, and doesn’t understand you just don’t compare your wealthy self to an average American that sacrificed a child. I’mpretty sureTrump is lacking more than a filter, he's 6 sodas short of a 6 pack.. When you can’t give a real example of one sacrifice you’ve ever made, or explain how your examples are sacrifices, you are only proving you not only don’t understand what a sacrifice is, you don’t know what it is because you’ve never made one.

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