In a move that obviously is an effort to buy time while he studies the issues and learns the ways of the world, Donald Trump has called for a special prosecutor in the Clinton email matter. After 15,000 new emails were discovered, Trump immediately made allegations to the effect that Clinton is a criminal and that she was somehow involved in a conspiracy to cover up the fact that more emails were discovered.

The truth be told

Actually, nothing could be farther from the truth. The newly discovered 15,000 emails have been described as "boring" by Hillary Clinton herself. Despite the foolhardy claims by committed Trump supporters, there never was any effort to conceal anything pertaining to the 15,000 emails, including the senders, the recipients and the subject matter of those emails.

As Clinton has stated in many interviews, most of the emails were between low-level employees of the State Department and the Clinton Foundation and involved such things as finding a job for a displaced employee, or arranging for VIP's to be introduced to each other. It appears that the Trump-led GOP is conducting an ill-begotten witchhunt that, in the final analysis, is going to prove absolutely no criminal or deceitful activity on the part of Hillary Clinton or her subordinates at the State Department. Furthermore, there is no evidence whatsoever that mistakes made by President Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton or any other Democrat led to the rise of Donald Trump.

"Lock her up" chants go nowhere

At the most recent Trump rally, the GOP candidate called for HIllary Clinton to be "locked up" because of her alleged concealment of emails that point to her involvement in the alleged cover-up of the private emails.

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However, the concealment is totally in Trump's perverted imagination. Not only did Clinton not conceal any of her private emails, but the Democratic Party presidential nominee did not, in any way, shape or form, participate in any kind of a "cover-up" of her emails or those of any other person or persons associated with the Clinton presidential campaign.

Once a dud, always kaput

All in all, the lesson to be derived from Trump's ill-fated allegations of conspiracy, concealment and deception in the email matter, is that once an allegation is a dud, it remains kaput. From their inception, the allegations were a "dud" that was going nowhere, and once an allegation is a dud, it will remain kaput and go nowhere for any and all parities concerned. If "the Donald" is going to make allegations against somebody, he would be better served to lodge those allegations against someone else in another venue.

One dinner memory?

Meanwhile, former Secretary of State Colin Powell has denied claims by the Clinton camp that Powell advised Clinton to utilize private emails in the conduct of her business as Secretary of State.

Despite his claims to the contrary, Powell did advise Clinton that it was advisable for her to utilize private emails in the conduct of State Department business. The debate over this issue continues as the nation draws ever closer to the General Election that is going to decide who the next Commander-in-Chief is in our confusing e-based world of today.