In what I’m suspecting is an attempt to show how little he knows about how the voting system in United States works, Donald Trump stated that Hillary Clinton can only win the state of Pennsylvania if she “cheats.” While most people are well aware of what happened at the DNC this year after the perfectly-timed Democratic Email leak, and the fact that Debbie Wasserman Schultz most likely rigged the Democratic nomination with the support of other top Democrats so that Clinton would come out on top, it’s far more difficult to rig a state election than it would be one’s candidacy within her own party.

(Let me not only point out the idiocy of the Democratic rig, since Hillary Clinton would have easily come out on top anyway with the support of so many within her own party). The Democrats supported and went along with the party campaign manipulation although Schultz got all the blame, and nobody has been able to tie Hillary Clinton to the occurrence although in all likelihood, I doubt she wasn’t somehow aware or involved. Rigging a party nominee election, which the Democrats weren’t even very good at doing, is far easier than rigging an entire state. Do you really think Hillary’s people are dumb enough to try this again? (Don’t answer that question).

Trump insults Clinton

Regardless, there’s almost no way to rig any election process in any start.

It’s so closely watched only a dope would try to vote more than once. After all, it’s illegal and you can serve time if you even try to. Second, it’s not the way the DNC rigged their election. But Donald Trump showed how much he doesn’t even get the voting process or how the DNC rigged things by letting Schultz control the outcome (and this is a presidential nominee) by asserting the Clintons would try to have people vote more than once.

He urged his supporters to make sure “other people” don’t come in and “vote five times.” You have to show ID when you vote, and you get marked off on a list of registered voters in your area for having voted. And that’s it. It would take much more thought and preplanning to preregister fake people and IDs that are realistic and I’m not sure the Clintons have that kind of brain power.

The electoral vote

Here’s the other problem with Trump’s claims—while the popular vote is registered, and might influence the electoral voters, the electoral votes are what’s going to win the state. So it doesn’t even matter if people try to rig things by voting “five” times each, as Trump so unintelligently claims. By the way, if Trump doesn’t understand any of this, can I ask if he has ever even voted?

It’s obvious Trump’s agenda is to label Hillary a “cheater” and leave her with the label. As far as how he described rigging the popular vote which won’t win anybody the state, I’m guessing he has no idea how the voting process even works for the president. And he’s the Republican candidate. You see, this is just another reason to add to my long list of issues about why we should give all federal, and certainly presidential candidates, both IQ tests and citizenship tests.

And by the way, if you want a president that doesn’t understand how the election process works, which should signal to you how little effort he’s put into this and how little he’ll try to understand things if he’s president, then vote for Trump. With as much effort as he’s put into understanding how he’d even get voted into office, I’m sure he’ll work hard to make this country a better place. Not.

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