Clueless, failing GOP presidential candidate #Donald Trump is blaming the media for his sagging poll numbers, alleging that the media does not report on his large crowds at his rallies. Trump stated in a tweet that the situation is such that he is "not running against Crooked Hillary," but rather is running against the "crooked media." Trump also alleged that the media is failing to expose the "truth" about #Hillary Clinton, alleging that "She is not a talented person or politician." Trump stated that Hillary is being "protected" by the media; however, he offered no evidence of his allegations, other than his angry statements and tweets:

False reports on Trump's words

Trump is claiming that the source of the problem with his numbers is that the media is not reporting on his candidacy correctly and is interpreting his words falsely.

Apparently the media is not the only entity that is attributing "false" meanings to his words, as millions of Americans were offended by his suggestion that the NRA "could do something" about Clinton if she were to win the election, or when he said that Megyn Kelly had "blood coming out of her wherever," or when he described women in general as "disgusting animals." It appears that Trump's revolting words speak for themselves and that very little, if any, media interpretation of his words is necessary. Trump's words bespeak filth, animosity, pent-up anger and paranoia. No "media twist" of his words is necessary. Trump is driving his own poll numbers down by himself and needs no assistance in doing so. This is not one that you can pin on the media, Donald; you are solely responsible for driving your own numbers down.

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Freedom of the press attacked

Trump, whose understanding of the Constitution is called into question, challenged the Constitutional guarantee of "freedom the press." Trump stated that there is no freedom of the press so long as the media is "allowed to say and write whatever they want." It seems that Trump, who champions the cause of "less government," is suggesting that the "government" intervene and regulate the media so that they are not able to print their stories as they see fit any longer. Isn't it so typical of a Republican candidate to want "less government" in matters of money, business, guns, and taxation, but to want "more government" in social matters such as birth control, laws prohibiting gay marriage, and regulating the media?

In Trump's case, the truthful interpretation of what he is saying is that he does not want to the media to record him when he puts his foot in his mouth and wants the media to "whitewash" everything he says to fit his racist, bigoted, homophobic, misogynistic, and threatening spin on what he is saying.

And he wants the government to make sure that the "whitewashing" takes place. Sorry, Donald, there is no Constitutional provision that promises to protect you from the ramifications of your own stupid words.

"The Donald's" mysterious endorsement

For reasons unknown to most sources, Trump attained the endorsement of an African-American church in Charlotte, North Carolina. He acquired this endorsement despite his refusal earlier this year to speak to the NAACP Convention, and his unequivocal failure to advocate any of the interests of the African-American community whatsoever in his presidential campaign.

Inevitable outcome

In the final analysis, Trump's allegations against the media are a waste of time because Trump is going to lose to Hillary Clinton no matter what the media does. As previously stated, Trump's words bespeak of his undeniable stupidity on their own. No "spin" is necessary. All the media has to do is to record and print what Trump says and how he says it. "The Donald's" revolting words will do the rest. #Republican Party