Donald Trump, who once accused Ted Cruz's father of having something to do with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, is playing the blame game again. This time the failed real estate mogul is claiming that Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner's wife, must have leaked classified information to her husband since she is a high-ranking official in the Clinton presidential campaign. Trump is reaching from that unproven supposition to blaming Hillary Clinton for allowing the entire fiasco to unfold. Trump is alleging that Weiner must have leaked the information provided to him by Abedin to unknown parties.

Implications of "the Donald's" argument

Trump's argument is that if Weiner, who even included his infant son in his last texting episode, is careless enough to get caught "sexting" three times, that he also is likely to reveal classified information provided to him by his wife Huma.

However, this argument makes no sense when taken to the extreme. First of all, the argument pre-supposes that Hillary Clinton leaked classified information to Huma Abedin. Secondly, it presupposes that Abedin leaked the classified information to Weiner. And thirdly, it presupposes that Weiner is intelligent enough to understand the classified information that is being leaked to him.

Let's get serious

Seriously, would a man who has been caught sexting three times, lost his Congressional seat, his mayoral race, and now his wife, be intelligent enough to understand classified information that is being leaked to him? It seems highly unlikely to this observer.

Who does Donald tell?

Trump talks about Abedin's possible leaks of classified information so loosely that it causes one to wonder what he does when he gets home.

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Trump said, "I don’t like Huma going home at night and telling Anthony Weiner all these secrets.” Is "the Donald" saying that he leaks information to his wife when he gets home? He says this in such a "matter of fact" way that it causes one to wonder if leaking to his own wife is a routine practice by Trump. (That is, if he is smart enough to understand the information that is provided to him at his classified hearings, which is highly doubtful).

All poppycock

In conclusion, there is no doubt whatsoever that Trump's presuppositions and accusations are all poppycock, ridiculous rubbish that should be discarded immediately. Trump only has 70 or so days left until the November election and if he wants to spend his time looking for assassins and blaming Clinton for sexting scandals, so be it. The real candidate, Hillary Clinton, will be talking the issues and resonating with the voters. And then the only person that "the Donald" will have to blame is himself.