Vladimir Lenin said “All over the world, wherever there are capitalists, freedom of the press means freedom to buy up newspapers, to buy writers, to bribe, buy and fake public opinion for the benefit of the bourgeoisie.” The bourgeoisie press was on full display at the DNC and RNC when they featured grieving Gold Star parents to attack presidential candidates Clinton and Trump.

Oligarchs interfere with Presidential election

Barack Obama took advantage of the press conference from the East Room of the White House where he stood alongside Singapore’s Prime Minister and called Donald Trump unfit for the Presidency.After attacking Donald Trump who opposes TPP, Obama pushed TPP saying "Right now I'm president, and I'm for it, and I think I've got the better argument.

I've made this argument before. I'll make it again. We are part of a global economy. We're not reversing that." Obama, the RNC, and DNC don’t give a rip about the Gold Star families they are just using them for political gain.

American Exceptionalism

Meanwhile W. Bush, speaking at the Diamond Club also took a swipe at Trump saying Trump is a threat to “American exceptionalism.” As Bush made those comments Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan released a campaign ad in Wisconsin focused on American exceptionalism and passing the TPP. Ryan is being challenged by anti-TPP businessman Paul Nehlen. Nehlen an early Trump supporter released this ad.

Ryan has been guaranteed re-election after Wisconsin passed one of the most oppressive voter I.D.

laws in the US. The 4th Circuit of Appeals overturned significant portions of Wisconsin's law that were designed to repress minority voters in cities like Milwaukee. Republicans are appealing the decision and plan to have the law reinstated as written in time for the primary (August 9th).

Rush to pass TPP

The Oligarchs intend to pass TPP no matter what the results of November’s election are. They have already passed the Monsanto protection law that prohibits states banning GMO’s and GMO labeling laws that limit identification to bar codes. The FDA has allowed Oxitec to release millions of genetically engineered mosquitos in Florida, to “fight” the Zika virus.

The genetically engineered mosquitos carry a “suicide” gene that causes the females to destroy their own larvae. These genetically engineered mosquitoes were designed to die in the absence of antibiotics, assuming they would NOT have access to that drug in the wild. But Tetracycline and other antibiotics are now showing up in the environment, in soil, in water pools and lakes. With tetracycline exposure these mutant insects thrive in the wild, creating a nightmarish scenario.

If a genetically modified female mosquito bites a human, the protein which kills their own larvae, could be injected into the human when the mosquito sucks their blood, with unknown and potentially ghoulish consequences.

That is why congress is rushing through TPP. Whatever the November election results may be, the best the world can hope for is that the American people drive a stake through the heart of the mutant two party system. It’s time to end the capitalist crimes against humanity.

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