Israel Stinson suffered from asthma and a heart attack

Israel Stinson was two-years-old when he died this week. On April 1, the toddler suffered a severe asthma attack, followed by a heart attack, reports theLos Angeles Times.Doctors were able to revive him after 40 minutes of CPR, but unfortunately they deemed the baby boy had suffered too much brain damage from lack of oxygen. He was pronounced brain dead, and his parents, Jonee Fonseca and Nathaniel Stinson, were advised to take Israel off life support.

Israel's parents, fueled with hope by the tiny movements their son was making, refused to take him off life support.

The doctors explained the activity was just muscle twitches, and the boy truly was brain dead. Unwilling to let the baby go, they filed an injunction to stop the hospital from taking steps to remove his life support.

"God is telling me not to let go."

Jonee Fonseca fought to the last breath for her son's well being. As she said, she felt God telling her "not to let go." So she and Israel's father moved him to Guatemala and put him in a private hospital. To their joy, several doctors, including a neurologist, performed EEG testing on the baby's brain and found a small amount of brain activity and some activity in his pupils, as well.Life Newsreports these doctors found that Israel was not brain dead, after all.It was their combined belief that Israel Stinson's condition was getting better.So three months later, when Israel was accepted into Children's Hospital Los Angeles, his parents rejoiced.

Sadly, instead of being the answer to a prayer, the move turned out to be their worst nightmare.

Israel Stinson's life was snuffed out by a California court, at the urging of a California hospital.

Whatever reason Children's Hospital had for taking Israel Stinson into their care is a mystery, as they pronounced the boy brain dead and not only urged the parents to take their baby off life support, but aggressively fought to make it happen.Nathaniel Stinson was in disbelief that the government could override a parent's decision in this matter.

"We believe that we should have the last say over our son's life, not a government building or not a corporation. And we believe our son is still alive."

Judge Amy D. Hogue, Los Angeles County Superior Court judge, ruled that baby Israel Stinson should be taken off life support.The Life Legal Defense Foundation decided to take on Israel Stinson's case at no charge.

Alexandra Snyder, one of the foundation's attorneys, said the hospital pulled the plug on Israel right after the judge's ruling.

No compassion for Israel Stinson's family

Where is the compassion? Why was this baby forcibly yanked from his parents in such a heartless way? They planned to put Israel in a long term care facility before taking him home to care for him, but one hospital and one judge took that dream away. Now Israel Stinson is dead, and his devastated parents are left to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives.

Do you think the government has the right to, basically, put a child to death?

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