They say the way to understand the culture of a particular society is through the music they listen. It seems, though, things have changed since Confucius. The way to understand a society these days is through the politics they entertain.

Politics and society

Rarely are issues debated in most political circles, and the process of decay has been steady since man invented language. The policy of nations has always started with hope until a few men realize polluting government can only fulfill their insatiable instincts. While universal values establish a state, basic instincts destabilize it.

The universal values that drive Founding Fathers toward a common objective in the form of a state cannot hold for so long.

This conclusion stems from the history of societies- right from their independence to their worrying downfalls. Organizations tend to appreciate in full the original motives and intentions of those who brought together the people to form a state, but as time passes by, these values are polluted.

Many factors lead to the pollution of the values engrained in the motivations of Founding Fathers, including the complexity of the world we live. Morals get strained for policies to fit in, and equally, values get twisted for personality to fit in.

What strains these, one might ask. The response of society to information is one of them. Despite the accessibility of information and the large resources storing it, little justice has been done to judiciousness when interpreting information.

People cannot tell tradition from travesty, blessings from curses, truth from lies and equally conspiracy theories from available evidence.

Trump may have realized the ‘loophole’ in the fabric of the society we live in, or maybe he does it in oblivion - being a reflection of that society he hopes to govern next year.

On the other hand, whistleblowerEdward Snowden claimed a truth, and to defend it he did not choose rhetoric but put together the evidence he could gather. Little is known about that - about the fact that privacy is an essential elementin a democracy. As Jefferson accurately stated, a society willing to sacrifice a little liberty for a little security deserves neither.

Personality politics

What does personality politics entail? Simply put, it implies putting an individual over ideology. Support, in this case, is gathered based on what a person is capable of saying or doing, and not the content of what he or she says or does. In other words, how entertaining is this person? How much more entertaining will they be if elected? Is this not what society needs? After all, enough has been said about the Kardashians and the Joneses.

But what post is this individual vying? This person is asking for the power to possibly declare war, whether directly or indirectly, he or she is asking for the authority to enter trade agreements on your behalf, asking for the power to watch over your household and your neighbors.

This individual is asking to head the most powerful office in the world. Is this an individual you want entertaining you or doing serious work behind the scenes as you scroll over the day’s news, as you deliberate on the next career step or as you scroll through your Twitter feed?

It is easy to be swayed by rhetoric and bias ripostes, but will that be the case on the world stage? Do other world leaders seek to be entertained or do they want to solve the food problem, deliberate on immigration crises, find peaceful solutions to war areas, eliminate radicalism and unite the American people? Maybe, maybe not.

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