Undecided Voters are looking for answers concerning both candidates running for the Presidency. The choices as to where to find that information are limited if you are looking for truthful information to base your choice on. The major news networks all have candidates they paint with a fair and balanced brush depending on who they support. After a few minutes watching, even the most naive among us can spot their choice.

Newspaper, websites, and polls all do the same thing, they lean one direction or another. Ask me a question one way then let me reword the question, and I might give you a different answer. The only thing polls are good for is fund raising, they are kind of like comfort food in that regard to the super PACs.

The only poll that counts is the one the American voter will take on November 8th.

These voters simply need to look around themselves for answers. If you like the way things are, the way things are going, then the choice is clear. Hillary Clinton is the candidate that will keep things going the same way. The energy of this country will continue to circle to the left, the poor will stay poor, the rich and corrupt will become richer while taking corruption to a new level.

Foreign countries will continue to have influence as long as they have money to donate, and something that can be pillaged and plundered for self-gain. The division currently separating the country will only get bigger as more and more take a place on the hammock of liberalism becoming more dependent on the same corruption that has placed them on the hammock.

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Voting for change

Those voters who are looking for change along with better opportunity will vote for Donald Trump. The political elite hope this is not true because the gravy that fuels their train will start immediately to dry up as Trump closes the borders. Those looking for work will have a better chance at finding it. Tax revenue will increase not due to higher taxes, but simply by the fact that more people with jobs will mean more taxes being paid even with Trump’s plan to reduce taxes.

Corruption will start to fade, because as he has already shown, Trump will expose those who think they are entitled to the comfort and privilege that comes to career politicians. Without doubt those that put self-interest in front of the good of the country will be called out to explain their actions. Things will change with Trump in the Oval office, and those changes will be good for the United States of America.

Trump will focus on national security, the economy including job creation, and rebuilding the countries dated infrastructure if elected President. Those are all America First issues, and the undecided voter always puts America first unlike party-line voters. #undecidedvoter #Donald Trump #Hillary Clinton