It’s always good when the possible future President of the United States gives a speech to rally voters. Often when we picture such an event, we think of an eloquent statesman appearing both top-notch and emotionally stirring. Now, remove the idea of an eloquent statesman. Also erase the concept of top-notch, and instead of “emotionally stirring,’ enter the words “emotionally misuses facts” and “has emotional problems.” What possible president do you have left applying that equation? Donald Trump.

There’s a list of other words we could add, but I avoid forbidden words, or else that equation would be full of them. I also do not wish to slum on the level of certain candidates and hurl thoughtless, insulting words. At least there’s analysis built behind my insults.

Thecomplex kicked off again

The Trumpian Insult Complex is similar to Turret’s Syndrome only it’s insulting to people with Turret’s to assert they’re 100% comparable. (After all, Turret’s is a real disease while the complex is just straight stupidity).

The following describes a breakdown of the most recent example. A potential president mentions that we have a huge problem that isn’t a pressing issue compared to other messes we should clean up (like the children mixed up in our population of homeless). He proceeds to thoughtlessly insult without evidence a country that includes many ethnically proud individuals. After he’s done, one has to wonder what circuits are still operating within him (and really, if any are functioning).

While experiencing the Trumpian Insult Complex, Donald Trump complained about “animals” from “terrorist nations” like the “Philippines” that America allows in. What a massive superiority complex masking a little man issue this demonstrates. Burning bridges over a non-existing problem because the speaker lacks evidence shows Trump must have short-circuited and forgot the identity of the real animal.

After all, when he looks at himself in the mirror every day, he witnesses the adjustment of a hairpiece that looks like roadkill. That roadkill must carry rabies and possess the ability to pass habits into the bloodstream and brain via the top of the head. Now that’s an animal. And if you need a rug, don’t buy one like this.

Does Donald Trump really expects to get more voters this way?

Maybe I’m wrong here, but when trying to get voters it isn’t a brilliant idea to isolate a large segment of minority voters and get banned from visiting their country because of spouting uneducated racism with reckless abandon.

In response to Trump’s statement, Congressman Joe Salceda put in a resolution to prevent Trump from entering the Philippines due Trump’s comments. Let’s not forget that Trump handed over his brand and name to an apartment development in that same country, receiving a small fortune. Trump claims to “love” the Philippines (a statement made obviously for money) on the website for that same apartment complex named Trump Tower in Century City. So if his unintelligent, bigoted comments are any representation of how Trump treats people and places that actually benefit him, we’ll have no notion of what to expect even when people assist his success.

Did Trump got caught in a lie? In order to lie, a person has to possess a thought process, and I’m not sure Trump does. Trump seems to act a lot like somebody that doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong—and that defines insanity. Again, is this man actually missing some wiring or perhaps he’s on something? I’d like to know about his wiring so I can get mine double checked because heaven help me if I ever act like this. And whatever drug he’s on, please keep it far away from me and make it illegal in this country. Immediately.

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