Donald Trump spoke to a large crowd today in Detroit concerning the economic issues we as a nation are facing. This is the Donald Trump I wish those that say #nevertrump would sit and listen to. The message was that we can do better at negotiating trade agreements with other countries. One trade agreement we must avoid at all costs, and that agreement known as TPP would be a disaster economically.

This Donald Trump is who the country needs as its next President. One key to being a good leader is the presentation of your words and thoughts. Trump explained how trade deals work, and the impact each has had on different parts of the country.

Bill Clinton signed NAFTA while he was President and it never lived up to the things said about it, Trump would negotiate NAFTA. This may have been Trump’s best speaking event yet.

Putting the pieces together

The United States is one big puzzle of different shaped pieces that fit together called states, but it is each state’s economy fitting together that creates jobs. Trump explained this well keeping it interesting yet educational. Products made in one state are assembled in another creating jobs in at least two states, in some cases several states benefit economically.

Infrastructure was one topic that Trump is exactly right about, our highways, waterways, and airways all need to be updated. Those projects alone would put large groups of people back to work. Every citizen who has a good job helps reduce the burden on everybody else.

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When people have good jobs they save money, that money when grouped with the money of others creates even more jobs.

Trump requirements, Clinton entitlements

Trump did not mention his opponent Hillary Clinton often, but one thing he did mention is a perfect example of why Trump and not Clinton is the better choice to help get the economy back on track. For too long we have spent more on entitlements than we have on requirements, and Clinton has been a big proponent of entitlements. We have to get those people jobs if we want to prosper again.

To prosper we need a businessman like Trump to take the reins. We need to close our borders for a while, we need a strong military, we need new trade agreements with foreign trade partners, but most of all we need to put America first again.