Some of you who are in the Senior Citizen category might remember when, even in an election year, the television news and most of the news media reported straight news.  At some point in those old news broadcasts, a respected journalist in the role of 'commentator' might be brought on the program to provided the viewers with his opinions (or more accurately, the station management's opinions) on a particular story that was headlining the news. However, the major segments, news, and opinion were normally clearly delineated. TV news used to have that much integrity.

Eventually, market forces, competition (lots of it), the growth of news radio, and most importantly the growth of the Internet reduced viewership and dictated the need for more 'interesting,' more captivating news.

As a result, the televised news media as well as the news media in general lost it's integrity and began reporting opinion, innuendo, supposition and even rumor as 'straight news'. They were just a step away from coloring their news reporting based on the political bias of the station's management. Then they took that inevitable step.

Liberal journalists have an opinion of Trump and they won't allow facts to get in their way

Today, probably 70% of the "news" you see, hear or read is delivered from the perspective of the Liberal political Left and 20% from the perspective of the Conservative political Right. The remaining 10% is probably a mix of total nonsense and honest news. If you don't believe that, just open one of the news integrators such as Google News or Yahoo News to get an overview of what is being 'reported' to the public; it will quickly become obvious that Liberalism or "Progressivism" (a clever term invented by the Left to suggest that Liberal ideas are actually beneficial) has taken over the majority of the news media.

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I doubt if I'm telling most of you what you don't already know! The Liberal media does not make any serious attempts to hide their bias'. What, however, is worrisome is that there are probably hundreds of thousands of Americans who do not bother to look beyond what they see and hear in the news media; they simply believe! They, for example, have on a daily basis heard on Liberal cable news channels or have read in a Liberal newspaper that Donald Trump is a racist. That analysis of Trump as a racist, based on his long history as an entrepreneur, is a blatant lie and you can bet a large percentage of black and Hispanic  Americans know that. You'll never hear that on MS-NBC however!

In response to these accusations, rather than try to refute them, Donald Trump has taken the 'see for yourself' position. In a speech directed at black Americans, Trump pointed out the fact (and it IS a fact) that 8 years of the Obama administration has not reduced the crime rate or poverty level in black communities, and has not increased economic opportunities in any major population center, much less in black neighborhoods.

So then, Trump asked in a speech at a major rally, "what the hell do you have to loose" by dumping the Democrats and trying out four years of a Republican administration?

"What the Hell do you have to loose?" has to be the best argument for rational choice ever voiced in this or in any recent election campaign. The Left, of course, has almost completely ignored this argument and has doubled down on their trash talk. The Liberal news media would like you to believe that the black community, by and large, either ignored Trump's message or they construed it to be a racist insult. On one very Liberal news channel, people on the streets were interviewed for a reaction and asked about the possibility that they will vote for Trump. The only responses the station allowed to air were: 'Not now! Not ever!'

Trump's taunt: "Crooked Hillary" needs to be more generalized: "Crooked Liberal media" would be more appropriate. #Democratic Party #Democrats vs Republicans