Despite five years of "so-called" economic recovery, A 2016 census reports that 45 million Americans still fall beneath the threshold of poverty. Yet  these are the ones neglected in both candidates words. Knowing that these Americans vote as well, why are they so neglected? Where are the promises to the lower class? In the 2016 Election, who will beat the other to the punch?


America, the wealthiest country in the world, also holds the record for the deepest poverty of any developed nation. According to the New York Times, 45 million or 14.5% of all Americans are waiting for relief.  With such a vast number of Americans that are homeless and without jobs, they are waiting on the big promises as well.

But to their disappointment, they do not get promises of relief from their joblessness. With poverty being at an all time high, this is an issue that needs to be addressed by both candidates. 

The candidates 

#Hillary Clinton, who is set to address her economic plan to the middle-class families of Detroit Michigan, falls short of addressing the millions of poverty-stricken families who struggle to make it to the middle-class. In her speeches, she has far less to say about the Americans on welfare and government assistance, which should be at the top of her list.

Her opposition, #Donald Trump, according to the New York Post, spoke on his economic plan just three days ago. While they both differ in their details and emphasis, they both completely forgot the ones that need them the most - the poor Americans that are still able to vote.

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What is the problem?

Matthew Desmond, a Harvard Professor of sociology told the New York Times in a statement, "We do not have a voice to condemn the level of poverty in the United Stated today." Desmond went on to say, "None of our candidates are addressing the full force of the impact that we as the richest country in the world, also have the largest number of poor families, when it should be the very peak of their agendas."

The poor not completely forgotten

With the hustle and bustle of the White house, Washington policymakers have not completely moved on from the subject of poverty. President Obama and house speaker Paul Ryan have addressed the issue by talking about expanding the earned-income tax credit to childless men, and addressing those in the Criminal justice system who struggle financially. Most of these return to Jail due to their failed attempt to earn money to live. With jobs so hard to obtain for those with criminal records, some return to the life of crime to make ends meet.

In conclusion. we as Americans need to bring these issues up to both of the candidates. Do either one really care about the issues that matter most or are they both just blowing hot air? #Election 2016