Either #Donald Trump or #Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States. There are other candidates in the race, but are they really in the race or just on the ballot? Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is the nominee for the Libertarian Party and is not garnishing enough support to even get to debate with Trump and Clinton. Johnson has to get 15% support nationally to get a podium on the debate stage.

The political system in the United States is just not made up to be third-party friendly. The two major parties have long been crafting the system to ensure things stay that way as long people are still getting to vote.

Senator Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump don’t agree on much, but they both acknowledge the system is rigged to keep the little guy from getting a foothold and becoming a contender in earnest.

Both Democrats and Republicans take every chance they get to reshape district boundary lines in their states to ensure the party in power of that state stays in power. One might venture to say that state politics are the minor leagues when it comes to rigging and corruption inside elections. The question has to be asked sooner or later: when does it all stop, and when will actual votes count the most?

Trump could win and still lose

The Electoral College is like the Championship of Political Rigging. The candidate that actually wins the popular vote countrywide may not be the next President if they fall short of 270 electoral votes needed to win the Electoral College vote.

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What once was a necessary thing has become an albatross around the neck of the election process in the United States.

While it is feasible one candidate could win the popular vote and 30 states that candidate could lose the general election because the other candidate carried the states with the most electoral votes. Four times in our history this has happened, most recently in 2000 when Al Gore received 540,000 votes more than George Bush but lost the Electoral College 271-266.

Every vote does matter, but the Electoral College does raise the question if every vote really counts. There are some voters so disgusted by the two major candidates that they are considering voting for a third party candidate as a protest vote, and other voters are considering not voting at all. Both of these options in my opinion are flawed and will only help the two major parties in the long run.

Third party voting not the answer

Voting for a third party won’t help, because the system will just stay rigged. Sooner or later we must elect people who will help change the system and make every vote count. If you are considering voting for a third party, I give you the following scenario to consider.

You and your family are trapped in a forest fire, between you all one full cup of water can be accumulated. Every one of you needs water, or you could choose to throw the water on the fire that is covering 5000 acres of dry wooded land totally surrounding you. Throwing that one cup of water will accomplish absolutely nothing, kind of like voting for a third party in a rigged two party system. #Election 2016