Florida is the graveyard of Democracy. Last night’s primary in Florida is the harbinger of what’s to come in November, the election is over and the illuminati won. In Florida they use the Direct Recording Electronic Systems where computers record the votes directly into the computer’s memory with no paper trail for the voter to confirm the accuracy of their vote. Democratic candidate for Senate, Alan Grayson who is reviled by the illuminati was leading his illuminati backed opponent, Patrick Murphy by thirty points. After the vote tally came in Patrick Murphy won with 58.9% of the vote to Grayson’s 17.7%.

Florida’s choice for Senator is between Marco Rubio or ex-Republican Patrick Murphy.

Four-prong fraud strategy

Did the people of Florida choose Patrick Murphy? Hardly, the vote is rigged. The 2016 election fraud is multi-faceted. First no primary debates are allowed, second, mail-in votes are not counted if you do not include a copy of your driver’s license or approved government issued ID, third, voter ID laws are designed to eliminate minorities and fourth the billionaire owned media give validity to the rigged election. America is no more, our “elected” officials do not answer to the people they answer to the Illuminati. Once in office, no matter how overwhelmingly the people are for or against legislation they are ignored in favor of special interests.

Graft and corruption are legal.

FBI claims Russia hacked voter systems

In a laughable report by Reuters, the FBI is claiming an unnamed foreign state has hacked into the voting systems in Arizona and Illinois. Seems like comic relief more than news that Reuters would imply that neocon arch enemy Russia hacked into voter registration databases and accessed information that is publicly available.

Now the White House is using this opportunity to push the federal government to step in to control the November election. Just what America needs, more government control over the voting system. The electronic voting system that congress approved after the 2000 election heist already flips the votes, nullifying the results.

Americans have no voice, no choice

George Carlin in his comedy routine explained the fix Americans are in. Our government works against us not for us. It doesn’t matter which party you are affiliated with, you are not important and your vote does not count. Once the November election is over TPP will be passed and WWIII with Russia and China will begin. The election has already been decided, the congress has been chosen and so has the president. It will not be Donald Trump and it will not be Hillary Clinton, the election is over and the Illuminati has won.

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