Looking back through history one thing stays constant. Arrogance that leads to corruption is often the precursor to destruction. For centuries those who wanted too much, took too much, or spent too much ended up with less than they started with before their quest began.

Napoleon, Caesar, Santa Anna, and Hitler all realized the same thing although in every case it was too late to change the outcome due to denial that change was needed. While they all started off with great successes they all ended with the same fate, an empire that crumbled around them faster than they created it.

The Clinton Foundation brings in millions

Much can be said about modern day politics in the United States.

For decades some have built an empire by preying on the weak, poor, and uneducated among us. The more those groups could be held down the more the political elites would be in control. #Hillary Clinton is the poster child for political elites. The Clinton Foundation brings in millions of dollars from donors looking for a favor each year. Huge amounts are paid for speaking engagements. What could the Clinton’s have to say that is so valuable, and will it be true?

The empire is starting to crumble

It is not what the Clintons have to say that is important, it is who they can say it to that is valuable. Like all the other evil empires that have come before them, the Clinton Empire is starting to crumble down around them. Scandals are daily occurrences. Lies have to be told to cover up older lies, and the viscous cycle just keeps getting bigger.

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The problem lies in the arrogance of being elite. Thinking nothing can do you harm, thinking you can overcome adversity by diverting attention to a new crisis only works for so long. Sooner or later the weak will become strong and stand up to corruption. Breaking free will be celebrated by everyone except the ones who lose grasp of the empire.

The Emperor has no clothes

The problem with the arrogance of the elite among us, it is normally too late by the time they realize they are losing control. The emperor has no clothes was a metaphor that has stood the test of time. Currently the Clinton Empire is crumbling at a much faster pace due to excessive arrogance, corruption, and denial. #Election 2016