The Atlantic Magazine, anticipating a Hillary Clinton presidency and thus preparing the battlefield to come, has published a piece by one of its editors that Americans should get ready for a barrage of sexist and misogynist attacks on the first woman president. The suggestion is that all criticism of the second President Clinton would be based solely on her gender and not, as some would think, her policies, her personality, and her criminal record.

To illustrate the point, the piece cited the experiences of Julia Gilliard, Australia’s first woman prime minister whose term in office (though this is left unmentioned) was less than successful.

Few people on the east side of the Pacific have even heard of Gilliard or know much about Australia beyond what they saw in the Crocodile Dundee films or the original Mad Max movies that starred Mel Gibson.

The piece did not cite a number of other female politicians that Americans are more familiar with, say, Sarah Palin. Palin has weathered misogyny of the kind that #Hillary Clinton never conceived of. No one, for example, has ever painted a picture of Hillary Clinton screaming while being nailed to a cross, nor made jokes about her daughter Chelsea being raped, nor called her a vile name while on a cable TV comedy show. Let us also leave out successful female world leaders such as Margaret Thatcher and Golda Meir, who came in for their share of attacks but become world-historical figures in their countries regardless.

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Let’s face it. Hillary Clinton has given people a lot of reasons to hate her that go beyond her gender, starting from the time she destroyed a 12-year-old rape victim in 1975 to get her rapist a reduced sentence and the laughed about it during an interview years later. Whitewater, Travelgate, the smears of her husband’s victims, Benghazi, the email servers, and the corruption surrounding Clinton’s pay for play selling of her office as secretary of state is a record of someone who needs to go to prison, not be elected president.

Sadly, if Clinton is elected president, two things will happen. She will commit outrage after outrage. Any criticism of her will be ascribed to sexism and misogyny. It will be at least four years from Hell.    #misogynism #Election 2016