The #Arizona election is on August 30th just over a week away. It may seem like it’s a minor election but there appear to be lines drawn in the sand where the state is going. Arizona has been a red state, but the liberal media has distorted the facts and truth so much that some people won’t have the whole story before they cast their ballot.

Key conservative vs. liberal races 

One of the biggest races is Senator John McCain seeking a sixth term but has for the first time real competition. There are two patriots from the Republican Party both with a background as political radio hosts and of course the Democratic candidates vying for his job.

McCain not only has his age at 79 working against him but he’s been leaning left too often for conservative patriots. 

Another race is “America’s Toughest Sheriff” Joe Arpaio who is seeking his seventh term and not only is he facing competition he has enemies from every liberal camp, and the media makes him sound like a criminal for doing his job. One of Arpaio’s enemies is running for U.S. Congress Don Stapley. Arpaio arrested Stapley and indicted him on 100 charges of fraud and theft.

As a County Commissioner Stapley voted to block funds, Arpaio used to fight illegal immigration. Stapley also used $80,000 in campaign funds for his own personal use. Moreover, he swears to support the current agenda in Washington. He’s bad for the state's economic development. Stapley gave funds to ultra-liberal Democrat Mary Rose Wilcox who was also brought up on charges by Sheriff Joe.

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Wilcox and Stapley’s friends in high places kept them out of jail and awarded them with millions of taxpayer dollars, but the facts were brought to light. Do you remember?

Conservative and liberal directions 

Meanwhile, Arizona’s new governor Doug Ducey has been keeping his campaign promises including taking steps to balance the budget including ending the welfare gravy train, pushing for a leaner government and making “cost” a sticking point. At the same time, only 500 miles away in New Mexico #Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg spoke to the state bar and lamented on the tie that will now end the federal program that shielded millions of illegals from deportation.  "It just goes to show ya; it’s always something." -SNL Roseanne Roseannadanna #Democrats vs. Republicans #Democrats vs Republicans