Recently, I used a particular metaphor to describe our two presidential candidates, and some asked for elaboration on it to see which candidate is the lesser of two evils. The 2016 election is similar to a version of Sweeney Todd Part 2; however, in this film, Burton’s gone from artistic genius to off his rocker. Sure, it’s still a dark, demoralizing, depressing piece of work, but instead of the reception of his original film with critical acclaim, people are begging not to see this one. In fact, when Trump started talking about using torture, forcing people to watch this film made it to thetorture listright below waterboarding.

Why Trump vs. Clinton looks like Sweeney Todd Part 2

Now, here’s the real reason why people think Tim Burton lost his mind. Instead of casting talented eye candy like Johnny Depp, we’ve got Trump as some type of Sweeney Todd. And instead of honest and button cute Helena Bonham Carter, he cast Hillary Clinton as a version of Mrs. Lovett.

So to breakdown these two awful characters, let’s start with Todd. Todd is a vengeful barber that goes around killing all the other major characters in the movie. He hasa good reason to be angry. While he’s terrible, he’sgot literature’s most redeeming quality: love for his long lostwife,whosemistreatment by others set off hisvengeance.

Then there is Lovett. While she’s a bit of a bright spot compared with Todd because she’s not offing the cast on a regular basis, she’s got no problem encouraging Todd to hurt others.

Also, she benefits from it by clandestinely promoting cannibalism for profit to unsuspecting people. She declares her love for Todd in the end, although her love is shallow compared with Todd’s love for his wife. So there’s no real redeeming concept of love here.

Casting our presidential candidates as two pretty repulsive characters

How are the candidates like these two characters if we’re casting them for the sequel? The candidates are like them, but I think the presidential choices might be even more awful than some of literature’s most horrendous protagonists.

And that’s why Sweeney Todd Part 2 is absolute torture to watch.

Trump’s like Todd except instead of physically murdering people he likes to vocally decapitate various cultures and religions, creating his own form of carnage. Unlike Todd, he’s got no educated reason to hate those he goes after, nor does he seem to think or plan. And yes, like Todd Trump’s got some kind of love. In order to have love that redeems you, you have to love another more than yourself. Unfortunately for Trump, who is totally in love with himself and nobody else. Narcissistic self-love doesn’t count here. Score one for Sweeney Todd as the more appealing individual.

Clinton’s similar to Lovett because she has no problem encouraging her husband to use his former Presidential office to cannibalize charitable foundations for her own profit.

Like Lovett, there’s no redeeming quality of love about Hillary. Lovett does declare her love for Todd in the end, but it’s shallow love. With Hillary, I’m not sure if she can even feel shallow love, however. In fact, I’m not sure if that woman is capable of loving anything at all, including herself, since you’ve got to be awfully cold to incorrectly promote your profit in the name of charity. Lovett did it for her business. Score one for Mrs. Lovett as the more appealing person.

Now, I’m sorry if you have a lunch date and are totally cringing right now remembering the premise of Sweeney Todd. And I’m also sorry if you’re stillrepulsed at the candidates and trying to figure out who you’re going to vote for.

Just consider that maybe it’s time to think outside the box and either write in a name or vote third party. Regardless if either my analogy or your thoughts about the candidates just made you grab a barf bag,know you can disrespect the candidates as much as you want thanks to free speech and my example, but the last thing any American should do is disrespect the right to vote.

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