Europe is facing a crisis, and no one can deny it. Firstly there is a shortage of labor to run the essential services and secondly the solution to get cheap labor from the #Middle East by welcoming the migrants into Europe has badly misfired. 

The Europeans are on the horns of a dilemma and wondering what to do as there is no solution to the problem.One of the countries of Eastern Europe that have had a massive influx of refugees from the Middle East has broken ranks with the policy of the EU on refugees and refused to accept its allotted quota.

Hungary has indefinitely suspended EU rules regarding asylum.These rules were drafted in the 1990s.

The EU has called for an explanation from Hungary, but the government has gone ahead and erected a razor sharp fence to keep out the refugees. Hungary claims its economy is overburdened, and it cannot accept the refugees from the Middle East as this migration will destabilize the economy.

The action of Hungary spells trouble for the EU and with Britain deciding to leave, the cracks in the EU are wide open. In a recent joint press conference with the Austrian Chancellor, the right wing Hungarian leader Victor Orban stated that migrants were not welcome in Europe and they were " poison" as well as a " terror risk." worse he rejected the EU policy on migration.

Migration has always taken place since the dawn of history, but this migration from the war-torn Middle East is laced with religious fervor.

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Most migrants want to live peacefully, but a fringe minority by terror attacks have alarmed the Europeans and Hungary in particular.

The Hungarian government has now called for a referendum on the EU policy of mandatory refugee quota. This will be held on October 2. It must be borne in mind that along with Hungary 3 other states of Central Europe that includes the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland are also opposing entry of refugees from Syria. These countries form the Visegrad Four group along with Hungary.

Attitudes in Hungary have hardened against migrants particularly after a spate of terror attacks in Germany and France. #EuropeanUnion