Just to prove that outrage depends on who gets targeted, as it were, some commentators recall how a movie called “Death of a President” was released about ten years ago, imagining the assassination of then-President George W. Bush. The same people who are having hissies over Donald Trump’s oblique line about the “2nd Amendment people” stopping Hillary Clinton thought that the docudrama film was a great piece of art, revealing greater truths.

The movie, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, starts with the assassination of Bush in Chicago in 2007, then in the future. The deed is thought to have been done by a Syrian man, angry at President Bush’s wars in the Middle East.

Dick Cheney becomes president and uses the assassination to crack down on dissent and to open a new front in the war on terror in Syria.

Of course, it turns out, that the Syrian was a patsy and that the killing had been carried out by a cabal led by Cheney himself because Bush was privately getting ready to pull out of Iraq. The plot is a copy of some of the JFK conspiracy theories that have a group of right-wing businessmen taking out Kennedy because he was planning to pull out of Vietnam.

The only people in the media to be outraged were those on the right, such as Rush Limbaugh. To be sure, “Death of a President” never got wide distribution and remains a curiosity from the height of Bush Derangement Syndrome.

Just to demonstrate the depths of the hypocrisy and double standards surrounding the current Trump dustup, imagine a similar movie being made about the assassination of President Barack Obama.

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The idea is that Obama is shot to death by a deranged tea party member. The regime that follows uses the death of the president to justify savage repression, including suspension of the 2nd Amendment and the kind of speech codes that adhere in some college campuses being imposed nationwide. But then, an investigative journalist finds out that President Obama was killed by the Clintons. Knowing what we know about the left and the strained relationship between the Clintons and President Obama, the scenario, though outrageous, would be plausible.

Of course, such a movie would never be made. If it were made, the filmmakers would likely be jailed for incitement to terrorism.