She might have wound up with the presidential Democratic nomination, this time around, but many American voters are still tentative about voting for her. Why? While reasons vary from the possibly underhanded use of the Clinton Foundation’s charitable cover-up to the fact she is chronically caught lying, there’s a bit more than just her lying behind the decisions of some American voters. Here are some of the reasons why voters still shy away from Hillary Clinton:

Hillary’s coziness with big time financers

Many voters feel uneasy about how far the Clinton Foundation brought her to big time banks and those that have donated a large amount of financial support to her campaign as a result.

Her response? Spending a whole lot of those untraceable big time financers’ donation money trying to convince people otherwise.

Boring speeches full of policies

Hillary is not able to give speeches most Americans care to listen to. She’s hard to listen to. She talks about a lot of important things but does it in the way the most boring teacher you ever had in High School used to do it, and by the way, did you learn one thing in that class? She doesn’t get her voters well enough to know how to describe things to them in a way that would make them care. Bill’s a far better speaker than she is. For instance, even when he’s lying about what “is” means, and you know he’s lying, you’re still entertained.

Her support of the war in Iraq

Back in 2003, she supported the Bush administration’s move to invade Iraq although many in her own party felt Bush had a mixed agenda when it came to invading Iraq in comparison to the War in Afghanistan. What’s Hillary’s excuse today? Forget about it, people. That was a long, long time ago, after all.

The Clinton Foundation

Initially started for charity, and initially doing a decent job of this, the Clinton Foundation’s tax returns show that 90% of the contributions somehow go back to the company itself (basically, the Clintons) and 10% goes to charitable causes. Compare that to the usual 80-90% of money from normal charities that goes to the charitable causes and the 10-20% that goes to the company.

The Clinton Foundation operates in some sort of strange reverse button fashion. And let’s not forget how intermingled its been with her state department.

Problems with telling the truth

Hillary has been caught in so many lies and lies that cover up other lies, I believe she broke whatever counter that started keeping track of this back when her campaign first began. After all, infinity is a hard number to measure.


First, no woman’s ever been president in this country. Second, a whole lot of women don’t really like her and would rather make fun of her than vote for her. This writer is no exception.

Keeps trying to run for president

This isn’t her first time around the presidential campaign war, so Hillary really wants this job.

There’s got to be something really wrong with anybody that wants to be president that badly. And let me emphasize, something’s really wrong here.

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