Not surprisingly, released call logs from Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff during her time at the state department (Cheryl Mills) seemed to be on speed dial with the people running the Clinton Foundation, mainly Laura Graham. Graham dialed up Mills probably far too often for comfort and even transported messages that had to do with state business. Whatever gap Hillary’s trying to conjure up with sorcery into existence about there being a distinction between employees at the state department and those at the foundation, there appears to a lot of evidence to the contrary. And since you have to say spells word for word in order for them to work, and Hillary’s words are always full of lies mixed with lies to cover up other lies, hers malfunction.

Hillary’s cross-connection makes none of this enchantment effective on the American people.

Team Billary: examples of the State Department intermixing with the Clinton Foundation

One example of the mix of interaction came during 2012 when Graham phoned up Mills to talk about direct State Department information—basically, Hillary’s upcoming discussion with a prime minister. Some other issues the two discussed included things like relief to Haiti. Mills was further in contact with others involved in Hillary’s Clinton Foundation. Why were people from the Clinton Foundation talking about this stuff to the State Department? I’m really not certain, but there’s one thing I’m sure of: we’re never going to get the direct answer out of Hillary.

The facts behind the mixer

What we do know is that on Monday, a lot of information came out about how comfy and cozy the State Department was with the Clinton Foundation during Hillary’s tenure. In fact, once Graham called up the State Department office and mentioned “our boss” but didn’t specify names.While there seems to have been easy unlimited access here between the executives and the politician’s workers, Hillary’s not alone in this practice.

She’s just done an absolutely terrible job of covering it up and an even worse job of lying about it.

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