Something amazing happened during this election year. Hillary Clinton got a sense of humor and made a very good joke. Now, I’m not sure who in her covenant cast a “how to be funny” spell on her, or if she happened to sorceress it up all by herself, but she made a Twitter “funny” poking back at Donald Trump.

Hillary’s critics

Often criticized for being a bit of a lifeless stiff, and also occasionally known to present the most boring speeches known to man (even her own former president husband got caught falling asleep during one), Hillary managed to take a tweet shot on Twitter, Donald Trump’s realm of promoting political animosity about her, and punch it back at him.

And she actually did it well, shocking the sense out of many, including this writer.

Hillary pokes fun at Trump’s statement

Taking vague, fallacious words Trump’s become famous for reiterating, “many people are saying,” and often using that phrase as the start of a sentence he uses to slur Hillary, Hillary decided to throw it back in his face. She selected the fact Trump still hasn’t released his tax returns for reasons that make no sense even to the IRS, and wrote up a tweet that says, “Many people are saying Trump won’t release his tax returns because he’s hiding something.” The statement is a totally mockery of how vague Trump can be when he’s making up his latest claim about the Clintons or the Democrats, the state of the nation, etc.

(I’m stopping my list here because you know it could cover the length of a football field). Of course, what’s even more hilarious about Hillary’s tweet is the fact that many people are, in fact saying that exact thing about Trump not releasing his taxes. So, her application of Trump’s vague phrase is actually a truth.

So, hats off to Hillary and her band of witches and sorcerers, and whatever spell they used to get her to have a personality.

I hope they keep on casting that spell—I like her better this way. Well, honestly, I didn’t like Hillary at all the other way, so I’ll admit that since laughter is so powerful, she certainly won this round.

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