It doesn’t seem that Hillary Clinton’s ever been fond of Donald Trump, or hanging out with him. I suppose it comes as no surprise, since the two seem to be on opposite sides of the fence with just about everything. Their mingling dates far back and Hillary’s desire to joke about her wish to avoid Trump altogether goes all the way back to 2000.

Team Billary: Hillary’s memorable Late Show appearance

At that time, Hillary Clinton was starting her campaign to be senator of a state she had never resided in—but Donald Trump actually lived in. In an effort to demonstrate she actually has a personality and can tell jokes (probably written by somebody else), Hillary finally made an appearance on The Late Show while she was campaigning for her role as a New York Senator.

Hillary put off appearances on The Late Show for about as long as she could, and when she finally appeared, she came with her own top ten list of why she finally decided to show up as a guest. Hillary mentioned the following in her top ten list: something she called a “severe lapse of judgment” (she seems to experience those quite often), “If Dan Quayle did it, how hard can it be?” and something she said that seems to fit a pattern even today, showing up to get out of dinner with Donald Trump.

Oh, the irony of how much she probably wants to avoid him now.

Some things can change

While her list or reasons served to give her a little bit of personality and humanize her for the 2000 New York State Senator race, Hillary sidestepped the real reason why she showed up and decided to speak at an outlet so popular in New York: trying to justify why a person that had never lived in the state she was running for Senator in should be able to run for Senator.

It was just one example in the long line of what was to come from her when people wanted real answers to real questions.

And while Hillary might have been able to joke about Donald Trump and avoid him back in 2000, it sure probably seems like it’s much harder to do that now. Too bad it’s not another one of those things that Dan Quayle did first, right?

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