We all know how things tend to go with Hillary Clinton. She’s not going to be the type of president that reminds us of George Washington or uses that old cliché “I cannot tell a lie.”In a demonstration of her usual strategy to probably lie to cover up other lies, Hillary Clinton told MSNBC’s Mike Brzezinski that she was sure none of her leaked emails would show anything about the state department’s ties to the Clinton Foundation during her tenure as secretary of state that would hurt her presidential run. (OK, maybe the Emails don’t show this, but the call logs certainly have irritated a few people when they saw how cozy the head of the Clinton Foundation seemed to be with the state department.

Or maybe Hillary’s just such a good liar now she’s gotten great at lying to herself and thinks that if she believes it and wishes it into reality, that will make people believe her. But she’d need far more than one fairy godmother to make that happen).

Hillary Clinton insists she kept things separate

Hillary Clinton insisted that the Clinton Foundation remained separate from the state department, although she failed to say much about the crossover demonstrated in the released call logs. She also insisted, although tax records demonstrate that 90% of the Clinton Foundation donations somehow go to cover expenses and salaries and only 10% goes to charity, neither she, nor Bill or Chelsea have ever taken a penny from the foundation.

While I believe she’s never taken one penny or pennies from the charity, she failed to mention anything about the millions that seem to have been directed toward reimbursement expenses and salaries—i.e., the Clinton coffers. After all, if you’re getting 90% of the Clinton Foundation, which totals in millions, why would you take a penny or two?

A person or people that are taking millions obviously aren’t taking a penny, pennies, or a dollar, after all.

Hillary Clinton also stuck up for her aides on both sides of the fence—the Clinton Foundation and the state department, saying she felt they did their jobs well. However, she said nothing about the ethics of the aids or the Emails that show the Clinton Foundation got access to powerful donors and set up meetings to them because of her ties to the two organizations.

Hillary insists she’d “look at the work”

Brzezinski also asked Clinton to put herself in Trump’s shoes, questioning if Clinton would be attacking or criticizing somebody doing something similar to her and seemingly cross-connecting the state department with the Clinton Foundation. Her massively unbelievable answer was that she wouldn’t criticize, she’d be looking at the work. But that’s another thing Clinton fails to recognize—people have been looking at the work. And a lot of them are really upset about that 90% of charitable contributions not going to charity but back into the organization, as well as how the Clinton Foundation started out strong and them seemed to tail off with many of its projects, filtering money back into the foundation.

But maybe she lied to herself about those things, too.

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