Responding to a question put to him by an admitted Clinton supporter, Bill Clinton said on Friday, while publicly answering questions, that the entire Email controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton is “the biggest load of bull.”

Calling it “bull” is certainly a great term for it

Why? Because the Emails really showed how much “bull” the Democrats are full of. So many lies and harsh words from racist comments to unprofessional behavior were exposed. And yet the Democrats are so full of “bull” they’ve buried themselves in it. The Democrats are trying to figure out how to make it all smell better as they try and dig the out of the manure.

But it’s difficult to get out of a build-up of crap when these people keep trying to use “bull” to get out of their hades cow pile pit. It’s the wrong tool for the fix, really. That strategy just makes the pit bigger, last time I checked, but that seems to be how the Democrats want to do things nowadays. And Bill Clinton is no exception.

Team Billary misinterpretation

Wait-- I misinterpreted what Bill Clinton said. (No shocker there, right?) He’s often vague and simultaneously over-descriptive since he’s usually busy lying away some other lie. After I listen to him for a while, I’m not sure if he’s talking about the Democrats or the gum on his shoes half the time (and really, how much of a difference is there between those two things?).

Also, while I was writing the preceding paragraph, I was busy thinking about what type of gun I might need to buy if I ever need to assert my second amendment right. I mean in case I run into either one of the Clintons or Trump and they want to jump me for all of the fun I’ve had on their behalf.

Bill explained that the Emails Hillary is accused of leaking were marked “C”

The “C” label actually meant phone calls she needed to make, not classified information. Classified information, Bill Clinton explained, goes through a complicated route when reaching the president’s cabinet. He didn’t explain that route.

Bill’s action was to sidestep the explanation and say it was too difficult, either because he shouldn’t talk about how classified information is delivered, he’s covering something up, or he’s doing the usual Bill Clinton thing by making things as confusing as possible with the hopes that you’ll buy what he says. And, in fact, he only discussed one example out of the many other Emails people are asking questions about. So, in effect, the answer to what Bill was doing by sidestepping is “all of the above.”

Next Bill tried to prove his point using information that proves nothing about anything he was discussing, as usual. By being vague with his misdirection so he’d hopefully confuse people into believing him, Bill also pointed to the support Hillary has received from even well-known Republicans including Colin Powell and Brent Scocrowft.

Bill argued that if she exposed classified information, she wouldn’t have their vote. I’m not so sure about that one, Bill. In fact, I’m pretty sure they are just dissing Trump and if they had another viable option, they’d take it. Also, these guys backing Hillary proves nothing about the Emails and doesn’t even make sense as a reason for why Hillary is trustworthy. But nice try.

Summing Up

Bill provided one example of a mistaken assumption regarding Hillary’s Emails and ignored the 183 other Email issues. Then, in usual politician form, he moved to prove his point by utilizing evidence that has nothing to do with the point, proving enough. And if you were lucky enough to follow along, wasting your time and your life listening to him, you probably realized he added more manure to that pile of “bull” with which the Democrats are currently exiting.

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