Supporting #Donald Trump for President is not mainstream but it is Main Street, USA. There are times when America has needed just the right person for just the right times, and that person has always been found. Washington, Lincoln, Kennedy, Reagan, and others just all happened to be in the right place at the right time when the country needed a special skill set for the presidency. Had Kennedy not been President when we needed someone hard enough to stare down the U.S.S.R. who knows what could have happened next.

Ronald Reagan dominated the old U.S.S.R. so one-sidedly that he won the Cold War without ever firing a shot.

His tax plan brought life back to our economy and the impact lasted 15 to 20 years. Would we even still be the United States if Lincoln had lost to Douglas? That is why I support Trump.

Currently we are in need of someone who can fix the economy, Trump easily is the better choice here. Being untrustworthy, untruthful, and uncaring Clinton will never be able to garner enough respect to lead. No other issue even comes into play in my decision process, because if Clinton cannot fix the economy none of the rest matters.

Trump’s economic plan shows the experience and the knowledge of someone who has been through the daily grind of business, and he has. If you get people back to work many of the other issues in our country can be worked out. People need the security of good jobs for fair wages, Trump can go a long way toward making this happen much quicker.

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Trump may not have been a good choice when Washington was President, maybe not in place of Lincoln either, but for this time in history he is. We need a job creator, someone who understands running a business, and can be pro-jobs naturally.

Securing our borders is next and Trump wants to secure the borders while Clinton wants to open them more. Again only one choice here, absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to know who, why, and for how long from anybody coming into our country. We want to be a welcoming nation but there is a legal way to enter.

Every other issue about this election does not matter. If we don’t have jobs and are not safe to go about our daily routine of doing those jobs while living life those don’t matter. Hopefully going forward Trump will not only be the choice of reason he will be the voice of reason. The tone this week has been very Presidential from Trump as he seems to be refocused on becoming President. #Election 2016 #Hillary Clinton