Social Media is now the major news source for the world. We still hear about and talk about the mainstream media but in reality they are no longer mainstream. The way people get their information changes almost daily now, as opposed to the days when the major news source was the mainstream media. Like the VHS tape and the floppy disk the mainstream media is becoming a dinosaur.

Years ago every child knew who Walter Cronkite was at an early age, he was the television/radio news source people trusted. Today even some adults and most college-aged people have no idea who Lou Dobbs of Fox Business News or Graham Ledger of One America News are, but they are both highly ranked in viewers on prominent cable news stations.

Somebody lost the television remote

Television News has dropped possibly out of the top ten where people get their news unless there is a live event happening. Even then computers, phones, and tablets eliminate the need for a television altogether. The upper elite of a changing industry still mistakenly think they are mainstream.

Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, and even Pinterest are the new mainstream media. Millions of people everyday visit these sites and are exposed to more news at one time than television can present in a week. Donald Trump understands this and exploits it to his advantage.

Polls show Hillary winning, but they are wrong

Polls show Hillary Clinton leading Trump in several key swing states.

I would like to see similar polls done on those states on who is winning on social media. Polls done through television are probably very accurate for television viewers, but not everyone watches television anymore.

Trump has a bigger following on Facebook 10,174,358 to 5,385,959 for Clinton. On Twitter 10.6 million follow Trump while 8.1 million follow Clinton.

Instagram continues the pattern with 2.2 million following Trump and 1.8 million following Clinton. Reddit shows the biggest margin between the two candidates, with Trump have 197.696 subscribers while Clinton has only 24.429 with another 55,228 subscribing to Hillary for Prison.

Being social is now mainstream

With the way people get their news I would come closer to thinking that according to social media, which may very well be the new mainstream media that Trump is steamrolling Clinton with. Television and print news currently tell the exact opposite with Clinton doing the steamrolling.

November will not only decide who will be the next President, it will decide who the mainstream media is in today’s world. Television will no doubt go screaming off into the night following the path newspapers and magazines have gone down.

Would you not rather get your news on a site like Blasting News where real people report about the real world as it is happening, or have some reporter tell you what a network with an agenda wants you to know?

The audience is no longer captured thanks to social media and Donald Trump.

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