Advancements in prenatal testing have attracted the attention of many people. Unfortunately, some of that attention is coming from pro-life advocates and disability interest groups who are absolutely outraged that more women will have the opportunity to get abortions based on these tests. A report on Life News appears to lash out in anger at the fact that a new "Non-invasive Prenatal Test" is believed to be 99% accurate in detecting Down's Syndrome and other abnormalities. So what is exactly is wrong with a woman's right to make such a sensitive medical decision, and what do these interest groups propose to be an alternative?

Whether some people want to admit it or not, abortion is a medical right

Not only does this medical right give women the option to abort "perfectly healthy" fetuses,  but it absolutely -- maybe especially -- gives them the right to abort defected fetuses.

It just seems that some of these interest groups are a bit fanatic in their world views -- that women should be forced to carry pregnancies to term.

What's most disturbing about this particular topic, is the fact that some of these advocates for disabled children are indeed pro-choice -- until it involves aborting a fetus that may suffer from Down's Syndrome or any other abnormality that could hinder a person's quality of life. So does this mean that women should be forced to carry defective pregnancies to term, while being allowed to abort "perfectly healthy" fetuses? The logic applied by these people, or lack thereof, is completely flawed.

The fact of the matter is simple

Most women who undergo prenatal testing do indeed abort fetuses that are found to be defective. In Europe, approximately 92% of women abort fetuses which are found to have Down's Syndrome or other genetic or chromosomal abnormalities.

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In the United States, that number is slightly lower -- but still an overwhelming majority at more than 60%. Whether these interest groups want to accept it or not, women do have the right to abort based on prenatal testing, and they do indeed exercise that right.

Here's a question for pro-life and disability interest groups: If you were to force women to carry pregnancies to term -- even in the event of undesirable prenatal test results -- who is going to take these children in and care for them? Is this argument really worth risking the overcrowding of the world's orphanages and foster homes? #Abortion