It's been a rough week for Donald Trump and Sean Hannity is pointing fingers at who is to blame for Trump falling in the polls.The Fox New's anchor aimed his fury at Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnel, Lindsey Graham, and John McCain, who are the Republicans he claims he will blame if Donald Trump loses the November election. He accuses these Republicans of taking such a "harsh" stand against Trump, which is more than they ever did when it came to standing up to the "radical agenda" put forth by Barack Obama. To say that Hannity was furious on his Wednesday show is an understatement.

Hannity fuming

Red State suggests that Hannity, who is a staunch Trump supporter, is one of many who sat back and watched these politicians in the same party as Trump do little when it came to Obama's "destructive agenda." Hannity calls out to those four Republicans and accuses them of creating Trump for the Republican Party because of their "spinelessness" and "weakness" when it came time to battle Obama.

As Red State calls Trump, he is the "public's big middle finger to the government."

You created Trump

They may have something there, as not many within the political swamps of Washington were willing to stand up to Obama through his 8-year term. When Trump came along, many got behind him because he was such the polar opposite of what's been seen in Washington over the last decade.

The flip-side of arrogance

Where the Democrats saw Trump as arrogant, the Republicans saw that arrogance as something that would work for them when tackling the almost impossible task of turning Washington around. Trump is a man who doesn't want to fail, and that need to come out on top may be the drive that brings him to the White House as the next leader of this country. 

Wimpy is out

In comparison to the rather wimpy-acting Republicans in place today, Trump is not going to back down.

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He has shown this already with his refusal to back some of the most predominant politicians in his own party because of their track records. He refused to endorse House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator John McCain, according to CNN News.

If you can remember back to when Ryan was asked to throw his support behind Trump, he said he wasn't quite there yet. Although he eventually did say the words, it didn't appear as if his heart was in that support. It now appears that Trump didn't forget that response because he basically threw it right back at Ryan. Despite jeopardizing votes and getting his party riled up for his refusal to back McCain and Ryan, Trump took a stand. Today many of his supporters find that stand rather refreshing.

Playing nice

Trump is not playing nice, but that is just what the people wanted, the ones who put him as the top GOP candidate. There's been too much playing nice and now voters want someone who will speak for them and not primp their own agenda. This is what Trump supporters see in their candidate.

Hannity sees this as a travesty with some of the top Republicans spending more time pulling Trump apart than they are working at getting the voters to see why Hillary should not win this election. This was another bone of contention for Hannity. The Republicans on Capitol Hill are focusing on Trump's short-comings when that energy clearly needs to go towards keeping Hillary away from the Oval Office come November. Hannity did not appear as a happy camper in his very animated rage.