So, folks, it’s time we all start wearing helmets every day for protection against head injuries that cause one to be a foolish lunatic. (Although it might be a little too late for this writer on that one). People are so exhausted by this presidential election, that many are suffering these types of injuries not accidentally; but rather because they must self-inflict a coma via hitting their heads with the nearest blunt object to stop hearing the horrible babble coming from either one of the two candidates. The side effects of this head injury type include forgetting about one’s involvement in historical moments, blaming others for causing problems one’s friends caused, arguing using any of the 834 million fallacies employed by Donald Trump, and inspiring people to support Trump by giving insensitive, forgetful speeches.

Rudy Giuliani’s biggest memory issue

Rudy Giuliani recently suffered a similar type of head injury. While some say his injury occurred due to a fall in the shower., it’s most likely that he self-inflicted his own coma with a blunt object while listening to Trump. Apparently, he hit himself far too hard to stop the pain of the experience and to avoid becoming dumber like some other Republicans (Newt Gingrich). He is now suffering all of the side effects. During Giuliani’s speech Monday, he gave Americans a good demonstration of the type of important high-level political Republican Supporters Trump still has left. You know, the kind of supporter you really (do not) want when you’re about to call a Hail Mary: the man that was mayor of New York during 9/11 but can’t even remember that 9/11 happened.

That’s the type of (mentally lacking) supporter Trump’s got left in his corner. Good job, Mr. Trump.

The plan to blame the Democrats

Besides supporting Trump, Giuliani omitted 9/11 during his Monday speech, and it’s not like that isn’t the exact event Trump’s basing all his anti-Muslim hubbub of misinformation on to scare people.

Nor is it like that event forever changed how Americans would view Muslims, which has been so unfortunate. Giuliani said: ““Under those eight years, before Obama came along, we didn’t have any successful radical Islamic terrorist attack inside the United States. They all started when Clinton and Obama got into office.” Giuliani attempted to rewrite history in order to shift blame on the Democrats.

Similarly, Trump said many untrue things about the Democrats and the history of the start of the War on Terrorism. For example, Trump said Obama is a Muslim, Obama started ISIS, and then changed this untruth to another untruth by claiming both Obama and Clinton are at fault for ISIS.

Trump’s assertions also suggest that Obama is a poor leader who allowed successful radical Islamic attacks inside the United States. Let’s back that up and look at facts. George W. Bush was president during 9/11, the worst terrorist attack on our soil, years before Obama’s presidency began and Hillary was in the cabinet. Bush also pulled out troops too soon from his wars, in 2003, again prior to Hillary and Obama, which indirectly created ISIS.

Obama inherited the Bush terrorism problems yet Trump and Giuliani blame Obama for issues that started before his presidency and began with Bush. So if you believe Trump and Giuliani’s assertions and Obama is a Muslim that allowed terrorist attacks on US soil and his actions started ISIS, what kind of a Muslim, terrorism attack-allowing, ISIS creating leader does that make Republican George W. Bush?

Is it all that shocking that the few Republicans supporting Trump make speeches so memorable? And by memorable, Idon't mean in the“Gettysburg Address” type way some might think the word implies. It’s memorable forthe selective memory loss ofGiuliani, and how brilliantly the remaining higher-level Trump supporters are doing their jobs (very poorly).

After all, don’t you want the candidate in office that has the mayor obvious mental deficiencies supporting his run for president?

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