Rotten Tomatoes has had a rough history when it comes to the DC Extended Universe. All three movies that have come out of the DCEU have scored less than 65%. The newest installation in the DCEU, Suicide Squad, has been the latest victim to the harsh criticism of Rotten Tomatoes. Recently, the website has given Suicide Squad a 32% rating, only slightly better than Batman V. Superman which obtained a 27% rating.

Because of the treatment that these movies have been receiving, fans have become fed up and have organized a petition on to shut down the website permanently. The petition's main goal is to stop critics from giving these movies unjust and possibly biased reviews. 

DC vs. Marvel

Most Marvel movies that are reviewed on Rotten Tomatoes are shown to be rated fresh by the website.

Most Marvel movies have been shown to be rated above 60% by critics and fans alike. Even movies like The Incredible Hulk, which was not celebrated by everyone, got ratings higher than 60%.

Loyal DC fans argue that Rotten Tomatoes is intentionally trying to cause the downfall of the DC Extended Universe. Other fans are claiming that Disney has been paying critics to write negative reviews of the DC Movies in order for Marvel to capitalize on their success. There has been no evidence to support either of those theories.

What fans should be looking at is the film audience score located on the site itself. The audience has scored both Man of Steel and Batman V. Superman over 65%. The audience score for Suicide Squad is 74%. This shows that the audience is really enjoying these movies. 

Fans' opinions

It is understandable to see why fans have gotten upset by these scores.

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Fans of these films and fans of the comics as well want more people to see that the DC Extended Universe really does bring people's favorite characters to life. By bringing these characters to life, it gives other people a chance to enjoy these characters as well. 

The petition has reached over 15,000 signatures but does not seem to be making any difference into how movies are critiqued. The petition doesn't seem to do anything to change the website or to take it down. So fans hoping that the petition will work will be disappointed when they find out that nothing has changed. 

What really matters

Critics are not a deciding factor on whether a movie is bad or good. They may be able to sway fans to see the movie or not but it is up to the fans to really tell whether the movie is good. No other opinion should matter. It is ultimately up to the fans to say whether the movie is a big hit or a huge failure.

Even if Rotten Tomatoes negatively reviews DC movies for years, there are other sites and other fans convincing people that these movies are not as bad as Rotten Tomatoes makes them seem.

It is only one website, if fans don't agree with that website, it is not the end for DC movies. 

As long as DC is getting support from its fans, they will continue to make these movies for many to enjoy over the years. Fans should not have to take out their anger and try to get rid of one website. Fans should enjoy the movies and not worry about what the critics say. Critics will not always give great reviews, or will probably not like the same movie that others do but that does not matter. What matters is that fans go and support the movie. Filmmakers make these films for the fans to enjoy. They are not meant for critics to bash or hate.